Medical Advice on "Otolaryngology (E.N.T)"

Dr. Baidya Nath Majhi
Hello, Welcome to Your PTA (pure tone audiometry) showing minimal hearing loss in right ear and normal hearing in the left. I do not think this minimal hearing loss cause the tinnitus unless the hearing loss is progressive. Tinnitus ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to Why do you feel the turbinates are not getting reduced? Is it because you see those big in the mirror? Is there any symptomatic improvement in nose block after the use of Mometasone? Turbinates usually increase and ... View thread »

Dr. Priyanka  Aggarwal
Hi, Welcome to Aerosinusitis or barosinusitis (mucus membrane inflammation due to pressure difference within the sinus) is usually if there is mucosal hypertrophy in the paranasal sinuses. You should get a CT scan paranasal sinuses done ... View thread »

Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda
Hi, Welcome to Do not worry at all. It does not look like cancer at all. All the symptoms you have seem to be for chronic sinusitis. The antibiotic you had is not bad but according to my opinion it is not enough to treat sinus infections ... View thread »

Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Jonnalagadda
Hi, Welcome back to The condition of food getting stuck in the throat with a heaviness of chest are also symptoms of GERD. Hence, along with medication, I need you to change food pattern. 1. Reduce oil and cheese products. 2. Drink 4 ... View thread »

Dr. Alok  Rathi
Hi, Welcome to Sensation of spinningor dizziness is usually due to improper functioning of balance system. It includes your inner ear, cerebellum (part of brain), peripheral sensory system and eyes. All must work together and ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to Whatever mineral oil or any oil you instill, will only act outside the eardrum. The cells that are outside the eardrum form cerumen or wax and these oils will be helpful. I can give you the dose and duration for that ... View thread »

Dr. Syed Tehmid
Hello, Welcome to Postnasal drip occurs due to rhinosinusitis or nasopharyngitis and is rightly said to be allergic which is exacerbated by infections. Treating the underlying cause helps in mitigating (making less severe) these ... View thread »

Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda
Hi, Welcome to I think that you need to perform a CT scan for your nose and sinuses. There may be a surgical cause for your naso-sinal problems as polyps, deviated septum or hypertrophied turbinates. Perform the scan then show it to me ... View thread »

Dr. Alok  Rathi
Hi, Welcome to Post-trauma deviation in the nose is expected, but not always does this lead to a sinus infection and recurrent sinusitis. You already had previous surgery for deviation. So it also depends on your previous surgery that ... View thread »