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Wisdom Teeth

The third and the final four molar teeth that humans get in their early twenties are called wisdom teeth. If they get erupted in the right place, they help in chewing food. But in most cases, due to lack of place in the jaws, these teeth do not erupt or partially erupt or are positioned wrong.

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I extracted the third molar, and I have pain. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I had a complicated surgical extraction of my third molar on the left mandible, along with osteotomy, to better facilitate the tooth removal. Since then, the pain from the tooth has subsided, but now I have trismus and mucosal swelling, and tonight while at work, a copious amount of th...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If you do not feel pain now, there is no need to worry. Continue using the capsule Augmentin (Amoxicillin and Clavulanate) 875 mg as suggested by your doctor. Use warm salt water gargle twice daily. You need proper exercise to reduce jaw stiffness and increase mouth ...  Read Full »

I have a lump at the extraction site five days after wisdom tooth removal. Is it concerning?

Query: Hello doctor, I got both my upper and lower wisdom teeth of one side removed before five days. I have another appointment scheduled in two days for the removal of wisdom teeth on the left side. The upper tooth removal was completely fine. But they removed the lower teeth without removing the root as...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. If the extraction was a tough one, it is normal to have swelling for four to five days due to some bone loss. Continue all the given medications for a week as suggested. If the pain or swelling does not subside even after a week then a new X...  Read Full »

Why am I having pain after two weeks of wisdom tooth removal?

Query: Hello doctor, I had my upper left and bottom right wisdom teeth extracted 15 days back and ever since have been experiencing the worst jaw pain. I am barely able to open it most of the time with the exception of a few hours when the pain dulls down. Once it becomes intense again, it starts from my ...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to No, it is not common to have pain till now. Go back to your dentist as soon as possible. You may have dry socket condition due to infection of the wound. Use warm salt water gargle twice a day for a week or two. Exercise your jaw to open as much as possible so that d...  Read Full »

I have a few symptoms after wisdom tooth extraction. Kindly help.

Query: Hi doctor, I got my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago. One side of the extraction site is not stitched and is quite deep. And also, there is a white bone or something inside the hole. Is that normal? My gum near the extraction site is white. Are white gums normal? My tongue has a yellowish or whi...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for your query, Seeing a whitish blood clot inside the wisdom tooth socket is normal. Please do not touch the area, and allow it to heal. I advise you to do a warm salt water gargle twice a day for a week. Currently, the chances of getting a dry socket are very ...  Read Full »

I got my wisdom tooth removed five days ago, but I still have throbbing pain and soreness. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I got my wisdom teeth out five days ago, and I still have throbbing pain and soreness on one side of my mouth. I can barely keep it under control by alternating my Ibuprofen 800 mg and Hydrocodone 325 mg. I am almost out of Hydrocodone, and the throbbing is still there on just the rig...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. If you feel it is not a dry socket, then do not touch the area with your tongue or anything. I suggest you follow the following steps: 1. Take antibiotics for three days, along with a warm salt water gargle (very good for healing the w...  Read Full »

What is the cause of pain in the cheek following oral sex?

Query: Hello doctor,I am having pain in my mouth (cheeks) for the past two days. I am unable to open my mouth fully. The previous night I gave a long blowjob session (approximately 10-15 minutes) to my partner. Since then I am feeling too much pain. I am unable to eat anything. Please suggest some medicine...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It could be due to infection in the lower wisdom tooth area. This occurs when the lower third molar, wisdom tooth starts coming out. If there is less space for it, then the food starts accumulating beside it. Use warm salt water gargle three times a day for a week. ...  Read Full »

Even after taking prescribed medicines, my sore throat and tooth pain has not subsided. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I have had a recurrent sore throat for which I am taking Montair FX and had courses of antibiotics. I had no fever so I was not recommended COVID test. The reason was given as reflux so I started the medicine and raised my bed. However, for the last 10-15 days or so I am having sever...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The prescription contains only a multivitamin capsule (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You need antibiotics like Amoxicillin-CV 625 mg three times a day for a week along with a strong painkiller. Get the decayed wisdom teeth extracted as it is better...  Read Full »

Can home remedies cure wisdom tooth problems?

Query: Hello doctor,I have had a problem with the bottom left wisdom tooth for some time. It would flare up and settle down again. I had an infection last six months before and took antibiotics for it. It has flared up again (though not as bad as the last time). The dentist gave me an antibiotic. However, ...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is better to either complete the course of antibiotics to remove the infection or avoid antibiotics as much as possible. You can prevent medicines by brushing twice or three times a day after food. Use warm salt water gargle twice a day for a week or two. Use a ch...  Read Full »

I got my wisdom teeth removed around three weeks ago, and my stitches did not fall off. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I got my wisdom teeth removed around three weeks ago. The inflammation of my face disappeared after the first six days, but the stitches still did not fall off. When I woke up this morning, I saw that one of my cheeks was swollen again. What does this mean, and what can I do?Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. If the stitch is still there, it may cause infection due to food debris getting stuck to it, and thus it should be removed. Swelling is abnormal after three weeks. It is advisable to get an X-ray of the area to determine if there is an abs...  Read Full »

I suffer from migraines due to molar eruption. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I have wisdom teeth erupted in the mandible. I suffer from severe migraine, and my doctors say it is from a tooth problem. I am afraid to do the surgery, but the pain persists. Please help.   Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. There are three main urgent problems with your teeth. After going through your reports and X-rays (attachments are hidden to protect the patient's identity) following are my suggestions for your problem: 1. ...  Read Full »

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