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Ear diseases are diseases affecting the ears. The common diseases affecting the ears are otitis externa, middle ear infection, blocked ear, Meniere s disease, otosclerosis, and labyrinthitis.

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My 3 year old daughter failed her OAE test. Is that due to hearing loss?

Query: Hi doctor, My daughter is 3 years old. She failed OAE testing at 3 years of age. She has issues with articulation and has been in speech therapy for over a year. Scores are 1% for understandability. Our audiologist did not tell us much. Can I get your insight into my daughter's audiogram?  Read Full »

Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal

Answer: Hi,Welcome to icliniq.com.Your daughter's audiogram (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows a conductive hearing loss, but the ear is not mentioned. The cause seems to be some middle ear disease only. Please tell me about her subjective hearing. Is there any hearing loss she experienc...  Read Full »

I have ringing in my left ear, and it is louder when I move my jaw in the opposite direction or tilt my head. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have ringing in my left ear. It is louder when I move my jaw in the opposite direction to the ear or open it wide, like yawning. It also gets louder when I tilt my head opposite to the ear. Massaging the muscle on my left neck makes it ring louder. It is also harder to pop that ear. It ...  Read Full »

Dr. Oliyath Ali

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I understand your concern, Ringing sound in the ear can be due to multiple causes. First, we need to test the functioning of the auditory nerve. I have reviewed your attached images (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity), tympanic membrane looks alrig...  Read Full »

I have had ringing in my ears for a month now. What could be the cause?

Query: Hi doctor, I have had ringing in my ears for a month. I had a CT, chest X-ray, and blood work done. I went to the ENT he told me it was not my ears. No fluid, no infections are present, and sinuses are good. He told me it could be an aneurysm tumor or pressure in the brain. CT showed no signs. What ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com Episodes of dizziness could be related to different possible causes: Chronic degeneration of the cervical vertebral column. A low blood flow to the brain due to vertebral-basilary artery stenosis. Blood pressure fluctuations. The ringing in your ears could be relat...  Read Full »

Can I get an ear infection after undergoing a tympanoplasty and a mastoidectomy?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having dizziness and fainting-like sensations along with intense itching in both the ears. I had my husband help me take photos with our otoscope I purchased online. The pictures with redness on them are my right ear, and the pictures without the redness and the yellow tube are my...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I understand your concern. You are likely to have an acute labyrinthitis with acute inflammation of your right ear. If you had such attacks previously, then an examination and investigations of your concerned ear is a must to finalize the diagnosis for a proper...  Read Full »

Can Tylenol relieve my ear pain?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a weight of 110 kilograms and a height of six feet. My right ear hurts a lot for few days. I do not have headaches or fever. I took a picture of my outer ear to see what is going on there after having a feeling of some moisture on my finger. I saw some white wet stuff and it hurts...  Read Full »

Dr. Shukla Radhika Hiren Hema

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Fluid-like discharge from ears can occur due to otitis externa and otitis media. Otitis externa occurs due to an infection of the external auditory canal. Otitis media occurs due to infection of the middle ear with a perforated eardrum. I am willing to ask some question...  Read Full »

How to get rid of tinnitus symptoms with continuous high-pitched tones in the ears that do not reduce even after taking medications?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been experiencing tinnitus symptoms like hearing loud, high-pitched tones sometimes in the left, right, or both ears for one week. I experienced it temporarily from time to time and it has never been a concern. But now I have been hearing the sound continuously for five days. On...  Read Full »

Dr. Syed Peerzada Tehmid Ul Haque

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Thank you for your query. You should continue with Prednisolone for two days and then take half of that dose for five more days. I would also like to know whether there is any hearing loss as of now and any signs of vertigo. You will need a hearing test (pure-tone a...  Read Full »

I have constant ear discharge after an eardrum surgery. Please advise.

Query: Hello doctor, I have an eardrum perforation since childhood. I had tympanoplasty done last year but, that failed. Now, the ear keeps discharging all the time. I completed a course of Ciprofloxacin and Dexatops ear drops but after a week, the discharge is back. Please advise.  Read Full »

Dr. Vinay. S. Bhat

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. A recurrent ear discharge after a failed tympanoplasty needs to be evaluated completely. The causes can be a reservoir of infection in your mastoid bone, resistant organism, Eustachian tube dysfunction, etc.The permanent treatment is a revision tympanoplasty usually do...  Read Full »

My eardrums are clear, but I have blocked ears. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor,Occasionally I feel I have blocked ears. But my ENT specialist checked and found the ear drums clear. So what could be the reason for the feeling of blocked ears?Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Thank you for the query. I understand your concern. Occasionally our ears get blocked due to various reasons, such as physiological congestion in the eustachian tube, allergy, or mild inflammation. This occurs in everyone and is not a cause for concern. But if the f...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for an ear infection with a foul odor, blood stains and hearing difficulty for 15 years?

Query: Hello doctor,One of my close ones has had an ear infection for more than 15 years. He underwent surgery for the same, which involved clearing the infected bone from the back of the ear, and was advised to get a device or an implant which I am not sure of, to aid hearing, but he failed to follow up. ...  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I read your query and can understand your concern. The possible reason for these symptoms is a bone-eating disease called cholesteatoma, in which the ear bones get eroded and infected with a discharge, hence having an unpleasant odor and can leave blood stains. When de...  Read Full »

What are the ear conditions that might require complete or partial removal of the inner and middle ear?

Query: Hello doctor, I just have a general theoretical question. This is not related to my medical history, I was just wondering in general. How much of the ear is it possible to completely remove? Both inner and outer ear. What kind of conditions requires this kind of an operation? What after effects can...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. In a surgery called radical mastoidectomy, we remove both inner and middle ear and occlude the canal. We do it in cases of malignancies of the ear, where you cannot remove the disease as well as preserve hearing. In earlier days, radical mastoidectomy was done for cho...  Read Full »

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