Escitalopram belongs to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) group of drugs. It is an antidepressant medicine and is used to treat the symptoms caused due to depression and anxiety disorders. It works by restoring the balance of serotonin, which is a natural substance found in the brain.

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I am on Vyvanse, and Escitalopram and started smoking marijuana. Is it life-threatening?

Query: Hello doctor,Nearly every day, I take Vyvanse for my ADD and Escitalopram for my anxiety and depression. I do not take Vyvanse when I am not in school. Between, I am sixteen, turning seventeen soon. This summer, I began smoking marijuana nearly every single day. I want to say it was not a coping mec...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to 1. You are right in recognizing that smoking marijuana may not be safe when you are taking Escitalopram and Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) description. Occasional smoking is relatively common but to smoke marijuana daily is harmful at your age. 2. Try to reflect what ma...  Read Full »

Does increasing Lexapro dosage cause a temporary increase in anxiety?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been taking Lexapro 10 mg for the past five years and recently I have increased the dose to 15 mg. After the dosage increase, there is an increase in my anxiety level. Will increase in antidepressant dosage cause a temporary increase in anxiety?  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to An increase in antidepressant dosage can potentially cause short term agitation, increased anxiety until your body gets used to the new dosage. Lexapro (escitalopram) is an effective medication to treat anxiety and depression. The usual dose is 10 mg once daily. ...  Read Full »

Which drug is the best for anxiety disorder, Trintellix or Cipralex?

Query: Hello doctor, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and was given Trintellix 10 mg. I took it for two weeks it helped with anxiety attacks but made me nervous about every emotion or feeling I felt. My mother has bipolar disorder and health anxiety and I think I have health anxiety too. I am worr...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It looks like you are experiencing significant anxiety. I note that you are weaning off Trintellix 10 mg and are you are in a dilemma about starting Cipralex (Escitalopram) due to concerns about side effects like developing mania. Since your anxiety appears quite sig...  Read Full »

I take Adderall with Lexapro for major depressive disorder. Is there any alternate for Lexapro?

Query: Hi doctor, I am currently on Adderall 30 mg twice a day for narcolepsy with cataplexy and Lexapro 20 mg for resistant major depressive disorder. My previous psychiatric nurse practitioner tried me on many antidepressants that did not work. Lexapro helps some but not much at all. I have very bad an...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It looks like you have been tried on several different types of antidepressants already but did not help. Since you are on Adderall for treating narcolepsy, taking antidepressants will potentially lead to an increase in side effects. This applies to all SSRIs (select...  Read Full »

Is it advisable to reduce the dose of Stalopam and Clonafit, if symptoms reduced drastically?

Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from panic disorder for the past four months. Initially, when I got my first panic attack, I just suffered without taking medical help since I am frightened to take medicine. This made matters worse and I started to have almost regular panic attacks followed by mild de...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is good to know that you are feeling better and the medication have been helpful. Regarding your query about medication, it is advisable to continue Stalopam 10 mg (Escitalopram) for at least six months even if you are feeling better. Stalopam is an SSRI (selectiv...  Read Full »

Are weight gain and excess sweating side effects of Escitalopram?

Query: Hello doctor, Are weight gain and increased sweating typical side effects of the medication Escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex)? I am asking because I gained about 6 lbs in three months and I sweat a lot but I must admit that I am a regular alcohol user. About 4 to 5 drinks on the week (evening only,...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Escitalopram is an effective antidepressant but as with any other drug, can cause some side-effects. Increased sweating (diaphoresis) is a less common side-effect and can happen with Escitalopram. Some patients experience weight gain as well but as you recognized it ...  Read Full »

I talk to myself, imagine more and play in my world. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I talk to myself. I have done it for as long as I can remember, I called on my other worlds, and I play different people I make up their lives in their personalities, friends, and stuff. I run it like a movie, and I play one character make and the rest I react to. And will talk to me ou...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is good that you are insightful about your experiences and seeking out more information to empower yourself. The first thing to remember is you are not crazy. You are experiencing emotional difficulties, and you will get better gradually with support. You appear t...  Read Full »

What is Petril used for?

Query: Hi doctor, I have an anxiety disorder. Neuropsychiatrist prescribed me Cipralex 10 mg and Petril MD 0.5 1/2 tablet. I took Cipralex for a month and Petril for 22 days when I went to review with my doctor he said to continue Cipralex and Petril 0.5 mg. I have been taking 1/2 tablet but he said to tak...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Cipralex (Escitalopram) 10 mg is good medicine for anxiety disorder. You may need to continue for at least six months to a year. Petril (Clonazepam) 0.5 mg is fine to be taken short term for upto a month, then your doctor will gradually taper it off. Also, try to get s...  Read Full »

I could not get rid of anxiety even after taking drugs. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a problem with unity. And for me, it is a big problem that threatens my future. When talking to my face, my mouth tends to cry like a child when I am afraid of something, and this causes me a significant inconvenience. Please help me to overcome this problem before I lose my job...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand you took Cipralex or Seroplex (Escitalopram) 20 mg for two years which is a good medication for managing anxiety disorder, depression, and other emotional disorders. Did your doctor prescribe it for anxiety? Did he also diagnosed any other problem? You ...  Read Full »

How long should Nexito Forte be used for anxiety and panic attack?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from anxiety for the last 10 years. I was able to live a normal life and working happily. I was on Nexitoplus (do not know if I had depression). Two months back because of family problems (father health issue), financial stress, work pressure, and continuous thou...  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It is quite common for anxiety to get elevated when faced with stressful situations in life. The good thing is with appropriate support your anxiety will come down eventually and you can function normally. Nexito (Escitalopram) is a good medication for your condition. I...  Read Full »

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