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Medical Advice on "Back Pain"

Such back pains are usually due to the strain in the lower back, that could be due to wrong postures, calcium and vitamin D deficiency ... Hi, Welcome back to ... The strange thing is that the pain is very mild in the daytime but severe in the night with a headache ... She only has a headache with this painView thread »

I wanted to know about the possible association of back pain with lung cancer ... I have been experiencing non-specific back pain (mostly upper back) since last year … View thread »

I have mild pain in my lower back, not a constant pain ... Do not sit in front of the computer for a long time not more than one hour after that at least walk for 2 to 3 minutes and you can get back to your work ... the pain either left side or right side but the right side is more time the pain always shift its position … View thread »

The MRI report presented inflammation and edema of the back muscles,  ... including severe back pain with a  ... I had an MRI two months later due to severe painView thread »

Taping to prevent overstretching of the rhomboid muscles and to provide proprioceptive feedback will help ... I feel that after some movement the pain starts almost instantly ... The pain you have in the rhomboid area can be fixed completely if it is purely due to musculoskeletal problems … View thread »

Para vertebral muscle spasm or lower back strain or lumbago (low back pain) ... If the pain in the lower back region is unsettling for weeks, then physical examination to determine neurological deficit is indicated ...  Even while walking I feel little pain ...  If I lie in bed or stand straight, then there is no painView thread »

Pill Back pain, either simple muscular or sciatica can be treated and cured with just one pill - a combination of vitamin and Pregabalin ... Preventing back pain may be the simplest way to deal with it ... This is a specific medicine which is not actually a painkiller but works as a painkiller … View thread »

My back causes me a great deal of pain and embarrass me by making my butt stick out ... The cause of your back pain is overactive erector spine muscles ... No one believes me even though I have showed them and complained about the painView thread »

Then two months back I was again having pain in my back and no findings from my X-ray ... Then I did an MRI four days back when I was having pain in my legs mainly in the thigh, calf, and foot … View thread »

For the symptoms you have, I would recommend an MRI of the lumbar spine with whole spine screening and back strengthening exercises ... Beside lower back pain, could this abnormality in spine and disk give me cold feet ... Should I request thoracic and cervical imaging also as I have some neck pain and chest wall discomfort but Ido not know if technically it is possible … View thread »


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