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Medical Advice on "Cold"

 Recently, I had cold, some respiratory discomfort, chest congestion, sneezing, sore throat, little if any fever and lots of coughing … View thread »
I had a bad cold when I had the test done ... As you are giving history of common cold and cough following which your lymphocytes are low there is nothing to worry at all, as all this is due to viral infection only … View thread »
About 15 months later, I got what I thought was a cold ... A year later I got sick with a cold again, and this time, at the same clinic, they gave me a cortisone shot right away with the antibiotics … View thread »
 I am currently living in a country where the climate is very cold and dark ...  This weekend I am currently with cold and flu … View thread »
Hi doctor, I have a sever cold and cough since couple of days … View thread »
He is having severe cough and cold for more than a month … View thread »
Hi doctor, I am taking antibiotics for my bad cold ... The ear block is due to eustachian tube block that occurs during cold or upper respiratory tract infection … View thread »
She used to suddenly get cold, headache and fever very often ... Repeated attacks of fever, cold and headache can be due to repeated infections of the body which could be viral or bacterial … View thread »
Now, she has severe cold, nasal congestion and ear congestion … View thread »
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