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Why do I have some sharp pain after dental filling?
Query: Hi doctor, I had two deep fillings a few days ago. Two days later, I started having minor toothache and sensitivity. Nowadays, I am getting occasional sharp pain and it lasts just for a second. Is this normal?  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As the cavity was very deep, the pulp of those teeth might be infected. If the pain increases or some swelling arises, then show to the dentist as soon as possible. Such teeth might need root canal treatment. If the sensitivity and pain is very mild, then it may be du...  Read Full »
Why do I have tooth decay in spite of brushing twice?
Query: Hello doctor, All my lower back teeth have started to decay. I brush my teeth twice daily, morning and before sleep. Please help me.  Read Full »
Dr. Praveena Borra

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I would like you to go to your nearby dentist and get it confirmed if it is decay or stains. If it is decay, then your dentist might suggest you get some dental fillings done. If it is just stains that you are noticing, then the stains could be removed by dental scalin...  Read Full »
What is the reason for teeth discoloration?
Query: Hello doctor, Recently I have seen some discoloration on the side of my teeth, especially back towards my molars. However, I do not feel any pain, aches, or sensitivity. Is it a cavity? I am not sure what I should be looking for if I have a cavity.  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your question and I can understand your concern. Yes, if it is brown or black that means it is in the initial stage of the cavity. It takes a year or two to start symptoms like sensitivity or lodging of food in these cavities. You need to keep your t...  Read Full »
I have severe pain in the entire left side of the face. Please help.
Query: Hi doctor,I think my sinus infection causes pain in my teeth. The pain is relieved only when I hold an ice cube in the mouth. I have severe pain in the entire left side of the face without the ice. Please help.  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. As per your history of pain, it is relieved only when you keep cold water or ice in your mouth. It is a typical feature of end-stage reversible pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp). The cold water causes vasoconstriction and reduces blood fl...  Read Full »
Why does my tooth hurt on drinking cold milk two days after I got it filled?
Query: Hello doctor, Hope this message finds you well. I had 10 cavities and removed them all. But the last cavity I removed, the tooth was so damaged but my doctor kept on drilling as much as he could and he put the dental filling right next to the tooth nerve saying that the tooth is still alive. I did ...  Read Full »
Dr. Srinivas Saketh Gummuluru

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I think the cavity was very deep and so the filling was placed close to the nerve area. This could have given you severe sensitivity with cold items. My suggestion is to just wait for a few more days. If you experience sudden, severe, shooting pain, you need to visi...  Read Full »
I have a small tooth cavity. Can it be cured by filling?
Query: Hi doctor, I got my dental checkup done recently. A small cavity was observed on the side of my tooth between 2 teeth. I am attaching a photo of x-ray. Please check second upper tooth from left in the x-ray. Also let me know, if this can be cured by filling?  Read Full »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I checked the x-ray (attachment removed to protect patient identity) Yes, this can be cured by restoration. For further information consult a dentist online -->  Read Full »

Dental Veneers - Advantages and Disadvantages
Article Overview: This article discusses in detail the uses, advantages and disadvantages of dental veneers  Read Article »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

What is a Dental Veneer?  A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of the tooth, for aesthetic purpose.  Veneer is like an artificial covering over a tooth surface. Types of Veneer: Porcelain veneer. Composite veneer. Let's Compare Porc ...  Read Article »
Root Canal Treatment
Article Overview: Root Canal Treatment is a simple chairside procedure done to save the tooth that has been affected by caries severely, infecting the pulp of the tooth, and sometimes extending beyond the apex of the root of the tooth, infecting the surrounding peri-radicular tissues, and also in some other cases.  Read Article »
Dr. Divya Banu M

The most common complaint that the patients come up with to a dentist is toothache and the frequently heard term by them is root canal treatment. It is a simple chairside procedure done to save the tooth that has been affected by caries severely, infecting the pulp of the tooth, and sometimes extend ...  Read Article »
What treatment will help sensitive tooth?
Query: Hi doctor, I am having sensitivity in the upper right tooth. There is no ditch or cavity but I feel the sensitivity while eating sweets. What could be the treatment option for it?  Read Full »
Dr. Tooba Qazi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Sometimes any cavity or decay is not seen clinically but there can be some infection or carious activity going on inside the tooth that can be detected in X-ray or on examination. Considering the symptoms following could be the treatment options. Filling of the tooth if...  Read Full »


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