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Medical Advice on "Fusidic Acid"

Do not use Fusiwal-M cream (Mometasone furoate and Fusidic acid) as there is no inflammation ... I suggest Kojiglo gel (Kojic acid and vitamin C) or Melaglow Rich cream (Avobenzone) twice daily for two months on black spots … View thread »
Imiquimod require at least 16 weeks, Takfa (Tacrolimus) should be used for longer duration and Hh Derm (combination of Mometasone, Fusidic acid and Clotrimazole) is to prevent infection … View thread »
You could find relief from using Cetaphil moisturizer and Mometasone and Fusidic acid cream twice a day … View thread »
I would recommend you to apply steroid antibiotic combination like Mometasone and Fusidic acid combination on the affected area twice daily for 7-10 days … View thread »
Along with this you can try Sertaconazole cream with Fusidic acid cream to cover erythrasma twice daily for minimum of three months … View thread »
Also, can use Fucibet cream (Betamethasone and Fusidic acid) once in a day ... Tablet Augmentin 625 mg (combination of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid) twice in a day for 7 days would be a good option … View thread »
But, in your case, it initially requires oral antibiotics like tablet Azithromycin 500 mg once daily for three days and topical cream Fusidic acid local application twice daily for five days … View thread »
There is a tube called ENZOMAC (containing antibiotic mupirocin and healing agent bromelain) or you may use SOFINOX cream (containing antibiotic fusidic acid and healing agents) … View thread »
Also, I suggest a topical Fusidic acid cream and Clotrimazole or Sebifine ointment (Terbinafine) twice daily for five days ... For pain, I suggest oral antibiotics like Augmentin 625 mg thrice daily (combination of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid) if not sensitive to penicillin group … View thread »
If no other symptoms are there, then I suggest you to apply T-bact skin ointment (Mupirocin) or Sofinox skin ointment (Fusidic acid) on the rashes twice a day for five days … View thread »
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