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I took post exposure prophylaxis. What are the chances of HIV?
Query: Hello doctor, I have done some stupid things in my life. I had safe sex, but with many different girls. There was never a condom fail and each time I used a new condom. When I did it with the fourth girl, I noticed that the condom tip was broken. After that, I took PEP. On the 26th day post exposure...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. In my opinion, the chances of you getting an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection is 0.001 % or less. I am glad to note that you have used a condom every single time and took all possible precautions. In fact, you...  Read Full »
Will taking pre-exposure prophylaxis and rabies boosters after eight months of exposure help?
Query: Hi doctor, Eight months bank a street dog scratched my hand. I was dumb and stupid enough then. I did not take any vaccines. Now I am very worried and highly panicked. If I take pre-exposure prophylaxis and rabies boosters now, will it save my life? Rabies symptoms have still not appeared in me but...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashish Jayanand Chandwadkar
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Well, rabies virus starts showing its signs in your body between a time frame of 1 to 3 months to one year (depends on type and location of exposure). Now, if you were scratched and there was no bleeding we consider it as category 2 dog bite. Initial symptoms of rabies ...  Read Full »
Does Nimesulide affect HIV post-exposure prophylaxis treatment?
Query: Hello doctor, I am on a post-exposure prophylaxis. Today is the eighth day. Today I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. The doctor told me to take Nimesulide. Does it make HIV treatment fail? Please, help me.  Read Full »
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bahunuthula

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It depends upon what drugs you have been given as post-exposure prophylaxis. Nimesulide does have a few drug interactions although not to the extent of causing drug failure. Kindly mention the drugs you are using for PEP.  Read Full »
I get palpitations often. Should I take Disprin for prophylaxis?
Query: Hello doctor,I am a 62 year old female. I get palpitations quite often. My blood pressure remains 130/90 with Telma 20 mg and Nebicard 2.5 mg. Also, some friends told me to take Disprin 2.8 mg for prophylaxis. Please advise if I need to take Dispirin or anything else.  Read Full »
Dr. Sanjib K Sahu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your blood pressure is fairly controlled. Continue both the medicines. Please do an ECG when you are getting palpitations. Take Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets and Meconeuron OD (Methylcobalamin) once a day for three months. Get serum vitamin D3 and serum vitamin ...  Read Full »
What are the side effects of taking post-exposure prophylaxis?
Query: Hello doctor, I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman 17 hours ago, and I am worried if I may have contracted HIV. I say this because I have learned that the woman I had sex with has multiple sexual partners and I am anxious she may have HIV. I am not in a position to ask her if she has HIV, and ...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashaq Hussain Parrey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your post. I understand it is a difficult situation. However, because the PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is time-dependent. So, I suggest the first thing you should do would be to start PEP right away as it may not be helpful after 72 hours. Also, if th...  Read Full »
I had vaginal intercourse and condom broke. Am I at the risk of HIV?
Query: Hello doctor, Two weeks ago I had a scare. I had vaginal intercourse with a girl from the bar and the condom broke and I removed immediately. I asked her about her status and she stated clean. There was some blood on the bed from her after. I started PEP within 24 hours from the clinic, they gave m...  Read Full »
Dr. Sushma Shah
HIV AIDS Specialist

Answer: Hello,Welcome to (post-exposure prophylaxis) is good. A sore throat is very common at this time. You can go to ENT specialist. You can have tablet Zerodol SP (Aceclofenac, Serratiopeptidase, and Paracetamol) two times a day after food for three to five days, tablet TAXIM O (Cefixime)...  Read Full »
Started PEP after 66 hours of unprotected sex. Will it be helpful?
Query: Hi doctor, I had unprotected sex and have consulted a doctor after that. He told me to go for PEP immediately. So, I started PEP after three days of exposure with one Tablet of Lamivudine and Zidovudine along with one Efavirenz tablet. I have taken PEP after 66 hours of exposure. Will it be helpful?...  Read Full »
Dr. Bharat Udey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is highly effective if taken within first 12 hours of exposure. However, efficacy is high enough if taken within 72 hours of exposure as well. Efficacy decreases afterwards. As you have started PEP within 66 hours of unprotected coitus,...  Read Full »
Is a surgery truly required for a gum infection?
Query: Hello doctor, For two months, I have been having a bad mouth odor. From last month, I am noticing bleeding from my gums. I had visited a dentist a few days back for these problems. In the initial checkup, he told me about the gum infection. The doctor also took an x-ray. He suggested me to undergo...  Read Full »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

Answer: Hi, Welcome to First and foremost, get an oral prophylaxis (cleaning of the teeth) done. Increase intake of vitamin C in your diet. Massage your gums with G32 tablet twice daily. Take two tablets and crush it in your palm. For the upper jaw, massage downwards and for the lower jaw massa...  Read Full »
My husband is caring for a swine flu patient. Should he take preventive care?
Query: Hello doctor, My 46 year old husband is caring for a sick relative who is in the hospital. As per the reports received today, the relative has been diagnosed with H1N1. Should my husband take any preventive medicines so that he does not get the virus? I heard that Tamiflu can be taken as a preventiv...  Read Full »
Dr. Sumit Srivastava
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) can be taken as prophylaxis in this case. I suggest a dose of 75 mg once a day for at least 10 days in the absence of any renal or liver derangements. Consult your physician, discuss with him or her and start taking the medicines with their ...  Read Full »
Is the OraQuick HIV home testing really accurate?
Query: Hello doctor,I am a male who had unprotected intercourse two days ago with a female who had tested negative on Oralquick two months ago. Turns out she has been quite active and I am debating on doing PEP. I can see her on Tuesday and she said will take another test but that will be 96 hours. I can s...  Read Full »
Dr. Atishay Bukharia
Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, Family Physician, General Practitioner, HIV AIDS Specialist, Plastic Surgeon, Venereologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Acyclovir has no effect on PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). Yes, it would be wise to start PEP and later you can stop it. Oraquick is not reliable after two days of exposure. Hope it helps. For more information consult an HIV AIDS specialist online --> https://...  Read Full »


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