Medical Advice on "Interventional radiology"

Dr. Chitrangada
Hi, Welcome to The I-131 treatment aims to destroy the remnant thyroid cells in the body. Short-term side effects of RAI (radioactive iodine) treatment are as follows: Local tenderness and swelling. Nausea. Swelling and tender of ... View thread »

Dr. K. Murali
Hi, Welcome to It is not always true. Even today catheter angiography is the gold standard. CTA (computed tomography coronary angiogram) is a good screening tool to evaluate coronary blocks in high-risk asymptomatic patients or to ... View thread »

Dr. Vivek  Chail
Hi, Welcome to I have read through your query in detail. Please find my observations below. A machine having high power magnet might be able to show arterioles in MRA (magnetic resonance angiography). A CTA (Computed tomography  ... View thread »