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About "Diabetology"

A Diabetologist is a practitioner specifically focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and control of diabetes and pre-diabetes, along with conducting research on the same with a broad knowledge of endocrinology as the base. They are different from a diabetician as the later advises diet for diabetics and has nothing to do with identifying and curing the disease.

On visiting them, they will begin with a detailed personal and medical history of yours, followed by a physical examination, checking your previous reports (if any), and advising you for certain laboratory tests, all of which will help in diagnosis and the treatment accordingly. Further, they will have follow-ups regularly to have a check on your sugar control and if required, modify the treatment.

The treatment can range from exercising and diet control to prescription of medicines along with other auxiliary management techniques. Since the sharing of documents and communication have become feasible, it is easy to consult a diabetologist online for your doubts and problems related to diabetes.

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