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Professional Bio

Professional Bio

DM course in Clinical Hematology :

In the entire course of 3years, TheDepartment of Hematologyoffers integratedtraininginclinical

andlaboratory services.The laboratory is under the direct control of ClinicalHematology d e p a r

t m e n t and performsall


checking of the screening coagulation and hemolytic tests is done on a daily basis, irrespective of

other clinical and laboratory postings. Apart from this routine schedule, laboratory training is given in

the specialized Coagulation, Hemoglobinopathy, Cytogenetic,Flowcytometry, BloodBank& Serology


The academics in the Hematology wards included Grand Teaching Rounds, Seminars, Case

Presentations, Journal Club and Short discussions. The ward and outpatient department duties were

to perform bedside specialized procedures such as bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, lumbar

puncture, insertionofcentralvenouscatheters(PICC), pleuralfluidaspiration,asciticfluidtapping,

phlebotomies and exchange transfusions, interpretation of the lab results, examine, counsel and treat

the patients accordingly.

SpecialtraininginBonemarrowtransplantationwasalsoundertakenatTMH, ACTREC foraperiodof 2


Fellowship in bone marrow transplant

1 year fellowship in bone marrow transplant inACTREC, Tata memorial hospital,


Evaluation of pre- transplant work up of patients planned for Autologous and Allogenic

transplant, planning of donor selection for Allogenic transplant, conditioning and peri-

transplant and immediate and long term monitoring of patients undergoing Allo and Auto SCT ,

stem cell harvest and cryopreservation of stem cells, aphresis of SDP, granulocyte transfusion,

management of acute and chronic GvHD, infective complications related to transplant- bacterial

infections, viral reactivations and viral infections, treatment of infections- prophylactic and

therapeutic, Hickmancatheter care.

Academics & Trainings

Academics & Trainings



Seth G S Medical College And Kem Hospital




Ltmmc Sion Mumbai




Seth G S Medical College And Kem Hospital


Awards & Publications

Awards & Publications

·ParticipationinMHG(MumbaiHematologyGroup) 2015Hematologyquiz.

·Participation inMHG 2015December.

· ParticipationinMHG2016paperpresentationof“Peripheralautologousstemcell


·Posterpresentationin MHG 2016”SpontaneousTLSincaseofCLL”

·ParticipationinMHG 2016JCPatelpaperpresentationon“RetrospectiveStudyofEightyFive




·PosterpresentationinBestofEHA2016 “ CaseSeriesofNilotinibinducedDermatologicalToxicities”

·Participation in Quarterly MHG 2016

·Participation in Hematocon 2016 and Poster presentation “Low dose escalating factor concentrate

prophylaxisinpatientswithsevereHemophiliainaComprehensiveHemophiliaCareCentreofWestern India”




MedicineinModernBiology,NationalInstituteof Immuno-haematology, (ICMR) 2017


LaboratoryMedicineinModernBiology,NationalInstituteofImmuno-haematology, (ICMR) 2017


·Participation inQuarterly MHG 2017


·ParticipationinMHG2017 J C Patelpaper presentationon“Lowdoseescalatingfactorconcentrate

prophylaxisinpatientswithsevereHemophiliainaComprehensiveHemophiliaCareCentreofWestern India”










·Participation in MHG2019

DrAniketMohite–Editorial boardmember

inEuropeanJournalofBiomedicalandPharmaceutical Sciences(EJBPS)

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·Aniket Mohite, BS Sonawane,S A Chavan, R Padhiyar, A Mahajan, N Sarate- Left Ventricular

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·Aniket Mohite, BS Sonawane, SA Chavan, R Padhiyar, A Mahajan, N Sarate MediQuiz. The Indian


In-Person Consultation

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