Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking can result in a lot of adverse effects on your health. It can result in vision problems, damage the lungs, cause infertility, deep vein thrombosis, erectile dysfunction, premature aging, and can increase the risk of heart attack and angina, diabetes, and cancer.

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Can smoking weed cause left lower stomach pain with blood in mucus while spitting?

Query: Hi doctor, My left lower stomach is having pain from quite a few months. I was an active smoker but now I left smoking a few days ago and the day before yesterday I saw blood in my mucus and today also while spitting small amount of blood came so I am a little worried that what it might be.  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, I must ensure you that you are too young to develop any serious thing within your lungs or upper respiratory tract because of that much smoking. I am wondering if you could tell me how many years you have been smoking? and what is the number of cigarettes per ...  Read Full »

Please suggest ways to avoid passive smoking.

Query: Hi doctor, My father is a chain smoker and he smokes inside the house in the bathroom. Our house is pretty small and the smoke easily circulates everywhere. I have advised him many times in many ways not to do it, but he is not listening to me. My concern is not him anymore, but my mother. She was p...  Read Full »

Dr. Amolkumar W Diwan

Allergy Specialist, Pulmonologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to First of all, smoking is injurious to health, both for the smoker as well as the passive smokers. So, it is advisable to avoid smoking as well as to avoid inhalation of passive smoke. Regarding your query, it is not possible to reduce nicotine concentration in passive sm...  Read Full »

What are the causes of breathing problem and cough?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 24 year old female. I have been facing breathing problem for the past five days. The first time it happened for a few minutes after I had finished my dinner and after that I smoked. I am not a heavy smoker and this has also not happened before. The problem is that I am breathin...  Read Full »

Dr. Amolkumar W Diwan

Allergy Specialist, Pulmonologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As you said, you are suffering from cough with expectoration and breathing difficulty, it is quite possible that you can have acute bronchitis. You have a history of smoking even though not regularly. Smoking is an aggravating factor for cough. Also, there is difficul...  Read Full »

Should I get a small skin tag on my uvula checked?

Query: Hello, I have noticed a small 'skin tag' or some kind of wlongation of my uvula. It does not cause me any problems but I am wondering if I should get it checked? Thanks in advance!  Read Full »

Dr. B Vageesh Padiyar

ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hi! There is nothing that you need to be worried about regarding an elongated uvula. Here are few causes which can increase or potentiate an increase in the size of the uvula. Chronic smoking Alcohol consumption Gerd with lpr (gastroesophageal reflux with laryngopharngeal reflux) Dehydration ...  Read Full »

Please suggest a good lubricant for near vision.

Query: Hi doctor, I used to spend a lot of time before laptop and tablet. Now, my vision became blurred when I see a computer. I had a headache in exactly one part or one side of the brain. Then, I had a check up and everything was found normal. The doctor suggested me to take capsule Eyetamin for 20 days....  Read Full »

Dr. Shikha

General Practitioner, Eye Care Ophthalmologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to When you are watching television, you are using your distant vision and while studying or working on laptop or tablets you are using your near vision. The prescription you are telling is for distant vision. Have you ever undergone refraction for near vision, however, i...  Read Full »

What can cause erection problems?

Query: Hi doctor, I have experienced a problem in erection since last three months. I am a smoker. The testosterone level in my last routine medical checkup was 134. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Udey

Geriatrician, Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Sleep Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your problem very well. But, before providing any adequate solution to your problem, it is necessary to understand your problem with specific details. Please provide the following information first. What is your age, marital status, frequency of sexual...  Read Full »

How to overcome erectile dysfunction problems?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 37-year-old male. My weight is 77.7 kg. I am facing erectile dysfunction problems. It has been going on for a few months now. I am consulting for the first time regarding my erection issue.  Read Full »

Dr. Ankush Jairath


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I hope you are doing well. Kindly let me know a little more information to guide you better. For how long you are having this complaint? Do you have a problem while masturbation or only during intercourse? Are you able to ejaculate and penetrate into the vagina? Are...  Read Full »

Why do I get breathing problems and wheezing even after medication?

Query: Hello doctor, I have shallow and fast breathing, usually bubbling and wheezing at bedtime along with nasal congestion and post nasal drip. My mucus is low and clear with a little cough. I have these symptoms for the past three months. I used Mucinex nasal spray, salt water spray, and Benadryl. I am ...  Read Full »

Dr. Kaushal Bhavsar

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Pulmonologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. By your history and description, the possibility of bronchitis is more likely. It is commonly seen with smokers. It is the inflammation of airways. This inflammation causes bronchospasm which inturn causes wheezing, breathlessness, mucus p...  Read Full »

Why do I have some granules on the inside of cheek and corner of lips for a long duration?

Query: Hello doctor, I have small spots or granules on both sides of my cheeks and on lip corners for the past eight years. I was a smoker and occasional tobacco user. I quitted this four years back. I have no pain or irritation and I am in touch with a local dentist and taking vitamin D supplements. I ne...  Read Full »

Dr. Srinivas Saketh Gummuluru

Dentist, Oral Implantologist, Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The long term habit of smoking and tobacco chewing has caused this on the inside of your cheek. Good to hear that you stopped the habit. The vitamin D supplement you mentioned is also nice. But it takes time to heal. For years together, the inside of your cheek has bee...  Read Full »

What does third-hand smoking mean?

Query: Hi doctor, My question is about third-hand smoke. My husband and I do smoke and we are trying to quit. My daughter-in-law is so concerned about third-hand smoke. We are no longer allowed to see our grandchildren until we have completely quit smoking. We only smoke outside and are down to five cigare...  Read Full »

Dr. Geetha Priyadarsini Kamminana

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Third-hand smoke is a newly postulated concept of toxic compounds being formed due to a reaction between nicotine and environmental components forming nitrosamines which are considered as potential carcinogens. To be crisp and specific first hand is smoker, second ha...  Read Full »

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