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Eustachian Tube Catarrh

The eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the throat. Its main function is to maintain the air pressure in the middle ear same as that of the atmosphere. In case of common cold, the opening of the tube gets blocked temporarily, thus producing a sensation of ear block and decreased hearing.

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Can I use coconut oil for itchy ears?

Query: Hello doctor, I have dryness in the ear and ear itching problems. I had consulted an ENT and he had said that it was a genetic problem. He suggested not to use any ear drops and instead advised me to clean it using alcohol or spirit. Please give your expert opinion regarding the same.  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Ear itching due to dryness is a genetic condition, wherein the skin in the ear canal becomes denuded faster than other people and form wax or flakes. The dryness will be present in both ears and it will not usually be restricted to one ear. To prevent the same you may u...  Read Full »

Why do I feel clogged ears every morning even without wax formation?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had issues with my left ear for the past two months. I normally clean my ears with peroxide. After I added drops of peroxide back last month, I noticed that when people spoke to me loudly I would hear wind sound in my ears. Also, my ears felt plugged and I heard thumping (heart...  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It looks like your having a eustachian tube catarrh. This tube essentially ventilates both the ear and nose and in an event where this tube has got blocked, you might develop fullness and ringing sensation in the same ear. Self-cleaning your ear is the most dangerous thin...  Read Full »

How to treat ear pain and itching?

Query: Hello doctor,I have an ear itching and some dull pain, especially at night and in the morning, for the past six months. I had an ear wax removed three weeks ago, but the problem is still the same.  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Do you have diabetes or any chronic medical condition? Most likely, your problem is due to eustachian tube dysfunction or middle ear pressure difference. We need to do some tests to ascertain the same and institute the right medicines.  Read Full »

Though I did not have ear pain, my tinnitus continues. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have an ear infection on my right ear for the past one week. So my doctor prescribes me some antibiotics Amoxicillin with Prednisolone. But my tinnitus did not go away. How long will it take for the tinnitus to go away if there is no pain in my ear?  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The answer to your question entirely depends on how you developed the ear infection in the first place. In general, until the eardrum heals you will be having weird noises, tinnitus, and ear discomfort due to interference with sound transmission and processing. If the ...  Read Full »

My earache increases with hiccups and my ears get blocked easily. Please explain about my problem.

Query: Hello doctor,I have earache that increases with hiccups. I was trying to unblock my left ear with cotton buds the last couple of days, and there was quite a bit of earwax that came out the other day, but today there was not much of it. I have had tinnitus and problems related to hearing for seven ye...  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have developed eustachian tube catarrh that occurs secondary to nasal allergy or inflammation. The eustachian tube ventilates the nose and the ear. When the eustachian tube fails to function, a negative pressure develops in the side of the ear leading to a feeling ...  Read Full »

Why do I have constant headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, sore throat, and ear fullness?

Query: Hello doctor, I have constant headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and a sore throat. I have left-sided ear fullness, swollen lymph nodes, and a sensation of mass lateral to the left ear. I recently had an ultrasound of lymph nodes, and I am awaiting results. My blood reports are normal, and I am curren...  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thanks for briefing me regarding the problem. I had a look at the three MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) pictures you have sent (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity). However, we would like to see all the scan views (both axial and coronal) that are av...  Read Full »

Is smoking anyway related to the plugged feel in my ears?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 28 years old. I started smoking a year before (two units daily). For the past six months, I have plugged/fullness feeling in my right ear. Sometimes pop sound also occurs. When I yawn or chew gum, it decreases but again returns. Fullness and pressure sensation is felt across the r...  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to There are two problems out there. 1. Eustachian tube catarrh: the eustachian tube basically ventilates the nose and the ear. In a situation where it does not function, a negative pressure develops in the side of the ear leading to feeling of vaccum, ringing sounds, feelin...  Read Full »

Can you help me get rid of tinnitus?

Query: Hi doctor, I have tinnitus for seven months. I consulted a doctor and he advised me to do some tests. I had a positive result for my hearing test. I took Vastarel, Fluxina, and Borila. But it did not help me. I heard the noise in a constant pinch tone.  Read Full »

Dr. Bhadragiri Vageesh Padiyar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to In your case, tinnitus can occur due to two different reasons. The reasons are hyperfiring from nerves and chronic eustachian tube catarrh. In the first condition, there is unregulated hyperfiring of nerves. It affects the perception of persisting sound in ears without an...  Read Full »

What is the permanent remedy for dry and itchy ear?

Query: Hi doctor, My mother, who is 50 years, has been having itching in the left ear since a month. We consulted an ENT doctor. He did an endoscopy and said that there is no wax formation and ear is dry. He asked my mom to put one or two drops of oil in the ear. She did that for a week and there seemed to...  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to With the details you have given I understand that your mother aged 50 years has been having itching in the left ear since a month which gets temporarily relieved with the application of oil. Also, an ENT consultant has ruled out any local pathology or wax or ear drum...  Read Full »

What can cause clogged ears apart from earwax?

Query: Hello doctor, I had cold a few days ago. During that time, my ear was clogged. I originally thought that it was earwax, but I tried everything for earwax and it did not help. It has been a few days now and I am trying to find out what might be wrong. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to During an upper respiratory tract infection, like cold, the infection can rise up to ears through the eustachian tube that connects back of nose to middle ear. That is what has happened to you during the cold. It is called eustachian tube catarrh. You need a course of...  Read Full »

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