Mantoux Test

Mantoux test or otherwise called Mendel-Mantoux test is a skin sensitivity test used to diagnose tuberculosis (TB). A standard dose of tuberculin is injected between the upper layers of the skin, and the reaction of the skin surrounding the injection site is noted for 48-72 hours. The skin of the person who has tuberculosis will become raised and hard.

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Why does my skin feel itchy and swollen after a TB test?

Query: Hi doctor,I had a TB test done at 9:30 AM yesterday and it is now 7:30 PM. The area is itchy, and swollen with a red ring around it. Should I be worried?  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I believe that you have undertaken the Mantoux skin test. There is likely to be an initial inflammatory reaction to the tuberculous killed bacillus which can form the ring and itch slightly. You may apply an emollient over it. This test is to be studied after 48 hours...  Read Full »

What does my child's Mantoux test indicate?

Query: Hi doctor, My kid is 2.5 years old. She keeps getting cough and cold every month. She is very sensitive to weather change. We consulted a local doctor and he advised for Mantoux test. The report says that the erythema and induration developed around 18x16 mm area after 48 hours. What does it mean? A...  Read Full »

Dr. Deepak Patel

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Recurrent episodes of cough and cold occur when the child has decreased immunity due to some illness or it could be a symptom of tuberculosis. Mantoux test of more than 10x10 mm is suggestive of tuberculosis. In your child, it is 18x16 mm which is strongly positive. In tu...  Read Full »

Kindly confirm whether my child is affected by tuberculosis or bronchitis by verifying the reports.

Query: Hello doctor, I need to know whether my child is affected by TB or bronchitis? I have attached his ESR, blood test, TST and chest x-ray. Kindly suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Prakash Chandra Girdhar Lal Nagar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have seen the reports. (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The very first thing why you suspected that your child may have TB (tuberculosis)? What are the problems he is having like prolonged cough, are any swelling in the neck or any contact with a p...  Read Full »

Why is there frequent wheezing without any known allergy?

Query: Hello doctor, My 5-year-old son has a wheezing problem right from one and a half years. A year back the doctor prescribed Foracort 100. I administered Foracort 1 puff daily for one year. Now, I have stopped it as adviced by the doctor. Still, he gets wheezing minimum one time a month and a maximum ...  Read Full »

Dr. Amit Kumar Modi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Generally, we would label your son a recurrent wheezer at this age. Asthma is not a diagnosis of the tender age. Wheezing is generally associated with allergy and not always can be found with a blood test. It can be an allergy to dust, pollution, dampness, pets or anythin...  Read Full »

Kindly look at my skin test and explain whether I have tuberculosis.

Query: Hello doctor, Looking for an opinion on tuberculosis skin test. Please answer if you have experience with PPD skin tests. I am 34 years old, former cigarette smoker. My friend got diagnosed with tuberculosis due to strong arthritis medications, and I have had some contact with him. I have attached ...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Montoux test, PPD test is a very non-specific test and does not give you any confirmation for tuberculosis. It is used as an adjuvant test for diagnosis and never as sole test. It is read after 48 hours of injection. You have not mentioned the duration. You have to measur...  Read Full »

I had tuberculosis one year back, and I got a Mantoux test done recently, which was positive. Does this indicate I have TB?

Query: Hi doctor, I had tuberculosis one year back, and I got a Mantoux test done recently, which was positive. Also, I got a chest X-ray done, and it was normal. So what do I have to do now? Whether it is TB positive or not? Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Pawar Satyajit Jalinder

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Please answer the following questions to be more clear about the current situation: 1. How was tuberculosis(TB) diagnosed a year ago? 2. What symptoms you had that time? 3. Which body organ was affected the last time you had TB? 4. For...  Read Full »

Am I positive for tuberculosis infection, if TB skin test is positive?

Query: Hello doctor, I hope you are doing well. I had a TB skin test five days ago and went back today for the results, and it showed as positive. I took a blood test for TB 14 days back, and it came negative. My doctor said this does not confirm that I have active TB, and an x-ray scan is needed to con...  Read Full »

Dr. Varun Chaudhry

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I hope you are doing well, and thanks for your query. Looking at your x-ray (attachments removed to protect the patient’s identity), everything looks fine, and I do not see any evidence of active TB (tuberculosis). TB skin test comes positive in many individuals and...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest tests to be done for a cough, apart from a chest x-ray.

Query: Hi doctor, I have attached an x-ray report of my one-year-old baby girl. The report says ill-defined haziness is seen in the right perihilar and para-cardiac regions - pneumonitis. What does this mean? She has cough for the last five days. My mom is suffering from active tuberculosis. So, an x-ray ...  Read Full »

Dr. Payas Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. See as you said, your mother is suffering from active TB (tuberculosis), TB in the child should also be ruled out first. It may be just pneumonia, but TB should be ruled out with some more investigations mentioned below. 1.Mantoux tes...  Read Full »

What is the possible link between Koch's disease and irregular periods?

Query: Hello doctor, My wife is suffering from irregular and painful periods from more than a year. We went to the doctor, and he told us to perform several tests like serum vitamin, serum prolactin, thyroid function, hemogram, calcium level, and Mantoux test. The reports, which I have attached, showed th...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharyya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to This is a case of irregular, painful periods, which is not uncommon among the woman who has not become a mother yet. I have gone through the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), but I could not find anything suggestive of tuberculosis (Koch's diseas...  Read Full »

My wife's blood report shows abnormal monocytes and ESR. Is this cause for concern?

Query: Hello doctor, Me and my wife got an annual blood test done. Few of my wife's results are off the radar. She is 30 years old, and she had a mild cough when the tests were done. She becomes tired very easily. In the attached hemogram report, her monocytes are 0 and ESR is 80. Rest of the tests inc...  Read Full »

Dr. Rahul Rathee

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern, but after a detailed evaluation of your wife's reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I would say there is nothing to worry. Only monocytes levels are low, it does not mean much. It does not cause anything serious if ...  Read Full »

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