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Medical Advice on "Foreplay"

Foreplay: The best aphrodisiac can be a caring and sharing with partner and foreplay ... so foreplay should take this into consideration … View thread »

 There was no intercourse, but only foreplay, causing a lot of fluid discharge … View thread »

... through your post. It is highly unlikely that the insertion of the finger can result in pregnancy even if it was contaminated with precum because precum does not contain sperm. So, I do not think you need to take an emergency contraceptive pill. For more ... … View thread »

My penis got erected while doing foreplay ... Since you got proper erection during foreplay and there is no history of difficulty in erection it was the result of performance anxiety … View thread »

During foreplay and sex, touching caressing, and sucking breasts is common practice, but they need to be handled tenderly and lovingly … View thread »

It seems like you have some vaginal infection or lack of lubrication or foreplay which is causing the problem ... Proper foreplay and adequate lubrication will help you get relief from the pain … View thread »

From the available description, it appears that due to inexperience there is little effort for foreplay which is leading to less excitement and resultant problems … View thread »

Make sure that you have sufficient foreplay to stimulate the vaginal secretions which will act as a natural lubricant … View thread »


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