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Medical Advice on "Hormonal Imbalance"

I am really scared of thinking about my pregnancy with these hormonal imbalances ... Is my imbalance too high that it will take time to conceive or to make my periods normal … View thread »

I want to know whether there is any hormonal imbalance in my body like high content of estrogen ... What tests should I undergo to determine the hormonal imbalanceView thread »

I want to know whether there will be any hormonal imbalance because of this tablet … View thread »

They informed that it was due to hormonal imbalance ... Later we approached an endocrinologist where she has advised us some hormonal tests (prolactin, testosterone, thyroid tests) ... Hence she came to an opinion like menstrual disorder is due to hormonal imbalanceView thread »

Is my problem of white discharge due to hormonal imbalanceView thread »

Your weight will reduce over time, and this hormonal imbalance will get corrected ... Is it related to my hormones being imbalanced ... I feel there is some hormone imbalance and it could be the reason for the miscarriage too … View thread »

It seems you have a hormonal imbalance or premature menopause ... These will check your menopausal status, hormonal imbalance, the cause of ammenohrea, etc … View thread »

As you are on hormones externally induced as internal hormonal imbalance so having bleeding according to these hormones effects on the body … View thread »

The irregular bleeding mostly is due to some sudden hormonal imbalance ... Your doctor can plan for ovulation induction with hormonal tablets and injections … View thread »


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