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For infected tooth, is root canal a right solution?
Query: Hi doctor, I had my lower right side first molar extraction about a month ago. My dentist prescribed a course of antibiotics. The pain persisted after I finished the course of antibiotics and so the dentist again prescribed a five day antibiotic course. A week went by with no pain and then the pain ...  Read Full »
Dr. Nupur Prashant Shah

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern regarding to dental health. First of all, I would like to suggest you go for a clinical examination of an affected area. If there is a presence of plaque or calculus near the second molar of lower right side, then go for scaling. If there is...  Read Full »
I have an infected tooth with pus. What do I do?
Query: Hello doctor,I have severe pain in my lower tooth on the right side. It never stops until I take a painkiller. Also, the effect of the painkillers I take only last a few hours. I guess I have an infected tooth, as there is pus. Now the right side of my jaw and the area under it started hurting. I am...  Read Full »
Dr. Geeth Sadasivam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to With all the signs and symptoms you experience, it is definitely an infected tooth. It seems like a deep tooth decay. Painkillers and antibiotics do help for a toothache with infection. As you said, it is the nature of the painkillers to last only for few hours and that...  Read Full »
How to treat the infected tooth present with pain?
Query: Hi doctor, I have a lot of pain on my right side upper and lower jaw. I have a wisdom tooth on the upper jaw. Before two days, the tooth directly below the wisdom tooth got broken, and it is causing pain. I am scared of going to the dentist. What can I do now? Please help me.  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through the attachment (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You have an infection in the pulp in the lower right last tooth. It has caries, and there is an inflamed tissue present around it. In the case of partially erupting upper tooth, you can...  Read Full »
Do I need to get the infected teeth removed?
Query: Hello doctor, My dentist said that I should remove both teeth in the photo due to them being infected. Both the teeth have their nerves removed and one is broken. I would like to ask for a second opinion as I worry that I will have issues with chewing after the removal due to the position of the te...  Read Full »
Dr. Honey Arora

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have viewed your X-ray (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It looks very clear that the teeth are infected and the root canal treatment that is done is not appropriate. The teeth need to be re-treated or removed but the line of treatment depends on cert...  Read Full »
How to reduce the swelling that occurred due to infected tooth and sinus?
Query: Hi doctor, I have got a decayed tooth at the upper backside region. Now, I have got a sinus infection. Can I consult a dentist soon?  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. You may need to take antibiotics if the sinus infection is present with a swelling. You may need to drain it soon. You have to consult a dentist soon. In case, if you have any other issue, please upload a picture of it. I want to confirm i...  Read Full »
Can root canal treatment help reduce swelling around infected teeth?
Query: Hi doctor, I have placed caps in my two teeth. Now, I got swelling around the teeth. X-ray has been taken. The doctor told me that there is some infection in the teeth, so it needs a root canal to be done. I do not have any pain in the teeth. I have only swelling in the teeth. Please suggest what to...  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Pain will come back after a few days if the root canal treatment is not done for the infected teeth. It is better to do a root canal treatment in the teeth as soon as possible as the pain can become unbearable. Such swelling come due to nerves that get rotten inside the...  Read Full »
Does an infected tooth necessarily need a root canal treatment?
Query: Hello doctor, A back molar was sore when I chewed on it and my dentist found an infection under it, so he did a root canal but afterward, it was still sore. He sent me to a root canal specialist who found that the tooth is cracked and needs to be removed. Given that the infection was under the toot...  Read Full »
Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your chief complaint in itself suggests tooth was infected so there were two treatment modalities: RCT (root canal treatment) or extraction. As the doctor has done RCT and problem has not solved, it can be due to accessory root canals difficult to negotiate or perforati...  Read Full »
I noticed a clear bubble under my tongue.It is not painful.Is this due to an infected tooth?
Query: Hello doctor, I have had swollen glands for a few months now. I have seen an ENT doctor for the same. He ran a blood test and it came back normal. He told me give it a month and they should go down. They have not gone down or grown. Before going to the ENT doctor, I also visited a dentist and got to...  Read Full »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

Answer: Hi , Welcome to The swollen gland can be due to the infected molar. An infected tooth also can cause swollen glands in the neck. The swollen glands will subside only if the infection site is cleared. Get it treated as soon as possible. Visit the dentist, get an x-ray (IOPA - Intraoral P...  Read Full »
I have a node on the neck after forced sex. Could this be due to HIV?
Query: Hi doctor, I had unprotected sex with a man who forced himself on me. Five days later, a node on the right side of my neck appeared with a sore throat. I went to the doctor, explained everything, took an HIV test and it came back negative. The node is hard and gets soft sometimes but has been there...  Read Full »
Dr. Kiran Anaparthi
HIV AIDS Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Lymphadenopathy is not related to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and probably caused by infected teeth as HIV infection takes approximately six months to one year to get lymphadenopathy. Get HIV test after 45 to 90 days with generation four dual tests or western blo...  Read Full »
Why am I having swelling and pus discharge from gum?
Query: Hello doctor, I had a swelling on the gum by a back molar. It opened and discharged some pus and blood. Currently, I am taking Norvasc, Levothyroxine, Lisinopril, and Gabapentin.  Read Full »
Dr. Geeth Sadasivam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Swelling of the gums with pus discharge is definitely a sign of an infected tooth. The tooth should be loosened in the socket by now because of the pus formation. Ideally, depending on the total number of remaining teeth you have and the strength of the tooth, the treat...  Read Full »


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