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Medical Advice on "Liposuction"

Do you think I can have the liposuction surgery with general anesthesia with the mild plus tricuspid regurgitation … View thread »

Liposuction is not a treatment option for weight loss ... This is not altered by liposuctionView thread »

I had liposuction a year before for gynecomastia ... If the breast gland has been excised with the previous liposuction, then it is only fat and it can be reduced with re-lipo or diet and exercise … View thread »

I did have my follow up and questioned this area and he cited the muscle repair and the liposuction but I wanted to get a second opinion on this and see if anyone has had similar experiences that are normal … View thread »

... surgeon has said is true. Few days postoperative may be until two weeks there will be slight crackling sound near and around the implant site. It is normal. The space created for the implant during surgery is what makes that sound. Nothing much to worry ... … View thread »

It is a daycare procedure where liposuction is done to shape up the chest and the gland is excised … View thread »

... (Edin).,PGDip(Aes.Surg) UK ... … View thread »


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