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Medical Advice on "Mri Of Brain"

As a result of this, she fell unconscious and her brain has some small blockages and damages ... Hence, I would suggest you to get an MRI of brain done … View thread »

There is prominence of the ventricular system of the brain, if it is beyond certain dimensions then we call it hydrocephalus ... This dilatation can sometimes be a normal variant, but things are better known after MRI of brain once baby is born … View thread »

She must be examined by a neurologist and must undergo a brain imaging like MRI of brain at the earliest … View thread »

All these are usually caused by nerve compression or has origin in brain ... The next step would be to do a detailed neurological examination by a neurologist to find out the structures affected such as brain, spinal cord, nerves, etc … View thread »

This kind of vibrations can be due to some disease of brain, but as you have mentioned that you can do your daily activities without any difficulty then it could be psychological also … View thread »

I had undergone brain CT two years and four years ago, both were normal ... My MRI and angio of scalp and brain done this year are also normal … View thread »

My neurologist asked me to get an MRI of brain and lower back and said everything looks fine … View thread »

I did MRI of brain, and cervical spine and also had an echocardiogram ...  Is it possible for intestinal gas to hit the brainView thread »


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