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Why does nevus recur?
Query: Hi doctor, About a year ago, I had nevus excision. Neither shaving nor laser, it was total excision. But two days ago I have realized that the nevus has come back there along the edges of the scar, the same shape of the scar. The biopsy report of the first one is compound nevus and there is nothin...  Read Full »
Dr. Shaunak Patel

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your complaint and gone through the photos (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Any nevus is a collection of melanocytes that are able to multiply violently. Hence, even if a small section is left it can potentially regrow. You can go for ellipt...  Read Full »
How to remove Becker's nevus?
Query: Hi doctor,I have Becker's nevus on my upper part of the chest. It has grown subsequently dark in the past few years. Also, hair growth has increased very much on that part. It is aligned towards my left shoulder. My childhood photos show no sign of any such mark. Only, occasional acne occur on tha...  Read Full »
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bahunuthula

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Becker's nevus is a kind of mole, which usually starts at puberty and keeps increasing in size and pigmentation till the age of 25 to 30 years. Also, it is tough to treat. It can only be lightened, but not completely removed. You may have to try lasers such as Q-switched ...  Read Full »
Should I worry about my nevus spilus turning cancerous?
Query: Hello doctor, I have speckled lentiginous nevi, also known as nevus spilus. I have had it since I was a baby. I do not know if it is congenital. Ever since I read online that they can transform dangerous, I do not feel comfortable in my own skin. I know the nevus spilus is alright right now. Its ...  Read Full »
Dr. Suvash Sahu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen your query and examined your picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). From your descriptions and given image, it does seem you have nevus spilus. There is nothing to worry about. The nevus spilus is present in 3 % of fair-skinned people. ...  Read Full »
I doubt this is a nevus, is it so?
Query: Hi doctor, When I go to sauna I do not have goggles on to protect my eyes. Then there is exposure to heat. I have attached my reports. I would like to know is it a nevus? Should I worry about it? I appreciate your answers. Thanks.  Read Full »
Dr. Anand
Eye Care Ophthalmologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I checked your pictures (attachments removed to protect patient identity). I am not sure whether it is a nevus. I am more inclined to say that it is not a nevus. Unless I examine you directly, I cannot be sure. You can send better pictures, so that I can help you better....  Read Full »
I have a nevus on my scalp. Is that sebaceous nevi?
Query: Hi doctor, I am 25 years old male. I went to a dermatologist, and he examined my condition. The doctor told me that I have sebaceous nevi of the scalp. But I am unable to agree with it. I have read that sebaceous nevi are hairless. Please suggest.  Read Full »
Dr. Suvash Sahu

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through the query and examined your given picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Please say whether you have this problem from birth. You are right, most of the sebaceous nevus are hairless. But nevus which reaches the hair-bearing areas o...  Read Full »
My son has a small epidermal nevus. Should I worry about potential gene mutation?
Query: Hello doctor, You were wonderful in allaying some health anxiety over some skin issues several months ago. So, I thought I would consult with you on another question pertaining to my son. Unfortunately, a combination of my health anxiety and the big mistake of searching online has my mind imagining ...  Read Full »
Dr. Jyotisterna Mittal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to A solitary epidermal nevus is very common and does not pose any kind of serious health concern. Neither is a biopsy required. You are right. Any associated symptom should have been present since birth or early childhood in this case. Even if it is passed on to the ...  Read Full »
What are the different types of nevus spilus?
Query: Hello doctor,I have a birthmark and I am pretty sure it is a nevus spilus. I read that there are two types of nevus spilus, papular and macular. Can you see my picture to see which type it is? Also, do I have to worry about cancer risk? I cannot see a dermatologist and I do not want to get it remove...  Read Full »
Dr. Tahir Shehzad

Answer: Hello, Welcome to A nevus spilus is also called 'speckled lentiginous nevus'. These are dark spots on a flat tan background. There are no different types of nevus spilus. Also, you do not have to worry about cancer risk as there is very little chance of a nevus spilus turning into a mal...  Read Full »
Is my nevus a melanoma?
Query: Hi doctor, I have some questions regarding what the dermatologist told me yesterday, when I was visited with dermoscopy to check my nevi. I asked the dermatologist to focus on an atypical blue nevus (on my right arm) which has increased in size during the last nine years. He told me that the nevus ...  Read Full »
Dr. Rabia

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Dermoscope is of different types. Some are more good than others. Using this instrument requires a lot of practice and experience. Sometimes the person performing it cannot appreciate all the features of a particular disease. In your case, the conversion of blue nevus ...  Read Full »
Why is my mole proliferating even after excision?
Query: Hi doctor, I have a question about a mole. I had a mole biopsied a few week back and the pathology report came back, as the pathologic process is that of a proliferation of nevomelanocytes within the epidermis and focally within the dermis. Cytologic atypia is present and manifests as large nuclei,...  Read Full »
Dr. Sampada Avinash Thakare

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Melanocytic nevi have aberrant course and continue to show junctional activity. These areas can have cytological atypia, and disorderly growth pattern of malignant melanoma develops in situ. Downward spread in dermis results in invasive melanoma. Also, junct...  Read Full »
My daughter has a raised pink mole on her scalp. Does it require a consultation?
Query: Hi doctor, My daughter, who is 20, has a raised pink mole on her scalp. It has been there for several years. The one in question now has a purplish line running through it. My thought is that it is a visible blood vessel.  Is it a change that requires seeing our dermatologist? Her dad passed away...  Read Full »
Dr. Sampada Avinash Thakare

Answer: Hi,Welcome to can be nevus sebaceous. One of the differential diagnosis can also be viral warts.Nevus sebaceous can appear in the prepubertal age, which looks like solitary, yellow-orange smooth, velvety plaques on the scalp.In postpubertal age, they look thickened, larger, waxy and m...  Read Full »


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