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Medical Advice on "Vitamin D"

It requires simple investigations and supplementation of vitamin D and calcium ... Causes: It occurs mostly due to vitamin D deficiency … View thread »

From the investigation report, we came to know that her vitamin D level is 12 and B12 is 227 ... The vitamin D levels are in deficient range and vitamin B12 levels are normal … View thread »

I have vitamin D deficiency of about 651 ng/mL ... Can vitamin D supplement make constipation worse … View thread »

Vitamin D deficiency will not cause pain in closing hands and neither tingling sensation ... Motor weakness like dropping of light objects is also not caused by vitamin D deficiency … View thread »

All were normal except vitamin D, which is very low at 14 ng/dL ... Vitamin D deficiency can cause severe bony pain, malaise and fatigue … View thread »

What are the normal levels of vitamin D ... You should check your vitamin D levels first … View thread »

In the investigation report, we came to know that her vitamin D level is 12 and the B12 level is 227 ... Will the low vitamin levels have an impact  … View thread »

Recently, I have tested for free testosterone and vitamin D ... Well, for your low testosterone and low vitamin D you need to take supplements … View thread »

For vitamin D deficiency you need to take capsule Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU once a week for six weeks ... Vitamin D is necessary for our body for general health and for calcium absorption into our body … View thread »

Non-vegetarian food is the second most important sources of vitamin D ... Vegetarian food has scarce amounts of vitamin DView thread »


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