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Medical Advice on "Vitamin D"

The vitamin D levels are in deficient range and vitamin B12 levels are normal. There is no need to discontinue the pregnancy due to these values. Vitamin D supplementation will help to have adequate levels in baby. I suggest vitamin D supplementation Calcirol sachet … View thread »

Vitamin D supplement has to be taken once a week. The most easily available one is capsule Uprise D3 60 k. Now for constipation, I would suggest you the following: Get a thyroid function test done as hypothyroidism might be the cause behind the constipation that you … View thread »

Vitamin D deficiency will not cause pain in closing hands and neither tingling sensation. Motor weakness like dropping of light objects is also not caused by vitamin D deficiency. All these are usually caused by nerve compression or has origin in brain. The next step … View thread »

Vitamin D deficiency can cause severe bony pain, malaise and fatigue. You should start treatment for vitamin D immediately. With a level of 14, you should be fine taking oral supplementation. Since you are symptomatic, I suggest you take parenteral supplementation. I … View thread »

It depends whether you are deficient or not. You should check your vitamin D levels first. The normal level will be more than 30 ng/mL. If you are deficient, then you need tablet Uprise D3 60k (Cholecalciferol), once a week for eight weeks. Then once a month for six … View thread »

Well, for your low testosterone and low vitamin D you need to take supplements. For vitamin D, I recommend Cholecalciferol sachets or tablets 60000 units weekly once for three months. Also take Calcium supplements every night. For testosterone you need to get … View thread »

For vitamin D deficiency you need to take capsule Cholecalciferol 60,000 IU once a week for six weeks. Vitamin D is necessary for our body for general health and for calcium absorption into our body. So, indirectly it helps to maintain bone health. Vitamin D is … View thread »

I feel that the two problems are indirectly related, but not causative. Vitamin D deficiency leads to muscle pain, bone pain and also muscle weakness. The pain in the knee that you are suffering is called anterior knee pain, which is due to muscle imbalance leading to … View thread »

I went through your post. However, please attach your recent blood reports. If you are saying your vitamin D is low, then I would suggest you start supplements of vitamin D. Its deficiency can cause joint pains. I suggest you try taking capsule Lumia 60K … View thread »

Hope this message finds you in good health. You are right. The cracking sounds that you hear in the joints are due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. These sounds do not mean that bones rub against each other. It means that air bubbles burst inside the joint. These … View thread »

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