The process of administering sedative drugs to reduce irritability and agitation in patients undergoing a surgical or diagnostic procedure is called sedation. Some of the drugs used are Isoflurane, Propofol, Ketamine, Lorazepam, and Midazolam.

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I have to get three of my wisdom teeth removed. Is it better to get them removed by a general dentist, or must I consult an oral surgeon?

Query: Hi doctor, I went to my dentist yesterday to get an X-ray to see if I need my wisdom teeth removed. I need to get my three teeth removed, two on top and one on the bottom that is turned almost 180 degrees, so he said it would be a little complicated to remove, but he can do it. He gave me the option...  Read Full »

Dr. Asma Parveen

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. By looking at your X-ray, even I would suggest you get it removed by an oral surgeon, as he would be able to plan the procedure better. The tooth is located quite close to a nerve, so it will be better for you...  Read Full »

What is the alternative to Versed and Fentanyl?

Query: Hello doctor, My wife recently had a renal angioplasty and the sedation did not work. She had Versed and Fentanyl. It seemed to get her wired. What are the alternatives if she needs another procedure? Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. Kiran Kumar Kolla Gopalkrishna

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I recommend her to go for MAC (monitored anesthesia care) or if she is very apprehensive she can be given GA (general anesthesia). The anesthetist has to assess for airway, if not in difficult intubation category. He or she can give Remifentanil infusion with Propofol ...  Read Full »

Is it safe to pair Gabapentin with Metoclopramide?

Query: Hello doctor, I suffer from chronic migraines, and I take Gabapentin, 1800 mg daily for prevention. Recently, a GP recommended Metoclopramide, 30 mg daily to help with nausea, but I have yet to take it, as I am concerned about the combination. Is this a safe pair of drugs to use together?¬†Thank you...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. I would like to state that Gabapentin and Metoclopramide have no major interactions and can be taken together. However, there are reports of increased side effects such as giddiness and sedation. Some of the individuals with...  Read Full »

Why do I become alert and aware during surgery inspite of anesthesia?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 55-year-old female. Before asking my question, I need to provide some background and context. I have had many surgeries and am a well-educated person. I am not a typical patient, given my knowledge, background, etc., including the fact that I get a copy of my complete chart for ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sukhdev Garg

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your past experiences of conscious sedation, and I understand how difficult it would have been for you. One thing I want to clear you first is that conscious sedation does not mean general anesthesia. Conscious sedation works on this principle only that y...  Read Full »

I take Nexito Forte for my anxiety, but it is causing me sedation. Kindly suggest an alternative for it.

Query: Hello doctor, I have severe anxiety, depression, a fast heartbeat, sweating, IBS, and diarrhea. I have had a nervous weakness for the last 15 years. I have consulted many psychiatrists, but none of the medications suited me. I am currently taking tablets Nexito forte and tablet Pronol, and tablet Pr...  Read Full »

Dr. S. Adithya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand the kind of distress you are currently going through. Since you mentioned that it had been such a long time, almost fifteen years, you finally got the medication that you are quite comfortable with and adjusted to it. So your anxiety and IBS (irritable b...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest me medicines to reduce oversedation due to antidepressive drugs.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 41-year-old male. I have had severe anxiety, depression, a fast heartbeat, too much sweating, IBS diarrhea, and nervous weakness over the last 15 years. I have consulted many psychiatrists. However, any medicine has not helped me. Currently, I am using tablet Nexito forte twice...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern and would be happy to help. Thank you for taking help from a psychiatrist. You have an anxiety disorder. Tablet Nexito Forte is a combination of Escitalopram and Clonazepam. Tablet Libotryp DS is a combination of Chlordiazepoxide and Amitri...  Read Full »

My 11-year-old son has a supernumerary tooth between two teeth. Is it advisable to extract it?

Query: Hi doctor,My son is 11 years old, and I need your opinion about his case. He has a supernumerary tooth in between the tooth 28 and 29. I am overseas, and doctors here are only giving me one option: extraction under IV (Intravenous) sedation. I do not feel comfortable doing all that. I keep on asking...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammad Emranul Islam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq. com. I am sorry for the problems your son has. There is a supernumerary tooth in between the lower right premolars. But it is in the early stage, and still, there is lots of time to grow. And your son is now only 11 years old. Probably that is why you fear to go for any su...  Read Full »

When to breastfeed after taking tablet U35?

Query: Hi doctor, After taking tablet U35, how long should I wait to breastfeed again? Give your suggestion.  Read Full »

Dr. Rajendran R. Nayar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for contacting me. I understand you are breastfeeding and have taken U35, which contains Acetaminophen and Codeine Phosphate. It is alright to take Acetaminophen until a dose of two grams, but ingestion of Codeine is not recommended. The reason is that Codei...  Read Full »

Can tablet Imipramine be the reason for my oversedation?

Query: Hello doctor, I was on tablet Imipramine for a year. Though it worked wonders for my depression, I could not get out of bed until 10 AM daily. So, I switched to tablet Amitriptyline three weeks ago to help me get up early in the morning. However, with tablet Amitriptyline use, I am gaining weight ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. You have side effects of tablet Imipramine (Imipramine Hydrochloride) and tablet Amitriptyline. Are you cross-tapering under the guidance of a doctor? If you have an oversedation issue, you must stop or decrease the dose of the tablet Ativa...  Read Full »

Is IV sedation the right type of anesthesia for wisdom tooth removal?

Query: Hello doctor, I was getting my wisdom teeth out and was told I would be under IV sedation, but I did not sign a consent to that, just anesthesia. So, I called and asked them about it. They said I would be asleep, but if they ask me to raise my hand, I will be able to do that. What on earth are they...  Read Full »

Dr. Akhil K P

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. The type of sedation your dentist has recommended for you is "conscious sedation," You will be at minimal consciousness and not completely asleep. You could respond to verbal and physical stimuli. This type of sedation helps you red...  Read Full »

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