Medical Advice on "Pain Medicine"

Dr. Anuj Gupta
Hi,Welcome to is typically a radicular pain which could be due to compression in the lumbar spine. There are three ways of treatment. First is medications. I am sure you have not taken the proper dose of Pregabalin. If not responding ... View thread »

Dr. Karthic Babu Natarajan
Hello, Welcome to To tell you the truth, I need more information or examine the patient to come to an accurate diagnosis. Differential diagnosis includes vascular problems for which we can consider a venous/arterial doppler. Probable ... View thread »

Dr. Naresh  Kumar Monigari
Hi, Welcome to First calm down and be relaxed. By stings I understand sting like sensation that lasts for 40 seconds. I need more details on that. Do they occur more when you are tensed? Because, it is rare. Second problem you said was ... View thread »