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Sunscreen is a product available in the form of lotion, spray, gel or cream to be applied on the face, hands and other sun-exposed surfaces of the body. Each sunscreen has a specific SPF (sun protection factor) mentioned on the package which is a measure of the protection it provides from UV rays. Higher the SPF, better the protection.

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Why is sunscreen necessary for daily use?

Query: Hi doctor, I have heard much about sunscreen's importance in skincare, primarily to protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays. But I am a teenager and wonder if I need sunscreen daily. It seems like a hassle, but I am willing to try it if it is essential for keeping my skin healthy. Please explain why s...  Read Full »

Dr. Subhash Kashyap

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Sunscreens, as the name suggests, protect from ultraviolet rays by forming a barrier. The white skin has less melanin, so they are more prone to the harmful effects of these rays. Toxic effects include skin aging, tanning, dark spots, and dis...  Read Full »

My skin is damaged from sun exposure. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 34-year-old woman who recently spent time at the beach without applying sunscreen, and I have since noticed significant skin tanning, raising concerns about potential sun damage. How does sunscreen protect the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays? What are the long-term effects of UV ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello,Welcome to am glad you are concerned about your skin health. Let me address your questions one by one.1. How does sunscreen protect the skin from UV (ultraviolet) rays?Sunscreen works by absorbing, reflecting, or scattering UV radiation. The active ingredients in sunscreen, such...  Read Full »

I have a painful sunburn blister. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am 18 years old and recently suffered a severe sunburn on my entire torso. It has been five days since the burn occurred, and I have started to experience peeling all over the affected area, including a painful blister about the size of a quarter in the area that was burned the worst,...  Read Full »

Dr. Suvash Sahu

Answer: Hello,Welcome to understand your concern.Based on your description, it appears you are experiencing sunburn, which is a clinical reaction resulting from the acute effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on the skin. In severe cases, swelling and blisters may occur.For treatment, normal ...  Read Full »

I want to quit Melacare face cream. Please suggest an alternate.

Query: Hello doctor, I would like to know the substitute for Melacare cream, as I got the look after using the cream and want to stop it.  Read Full »

Dr. Thakare Sampada Avinash

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Why was it prescribed to you? Wat was the complaint? How long did you apply? Because it also contains steroid and should not be used for long time. You should use sunscreen daily. Safer option like Kojiglo cream can be used.  Read Full »

Kindly explain about the causes and management of acne scarring.

Query: Hello doctor, 1. What causes acne scarring? 2. What ingredients should people be looking for to diminish them (In the products they use)? 3. Is scarring more difficult to get rid of on darker skin tones? If so, please explain why. 4. Is it possible to achieve complete removal of this without ...  Read Full »

Dr. Rabia Anjum

Answer: Hello, Welcome to 1. During severe active acne, inflammatory process leads to scarring if it is not properly treated or treated late during course of acne. So treatment of acne is very important both early and according to recommendations. Because inflammation leads to destruction of ...  Read Full »

I have red spots on my skin as I did not apply sunscreen. Help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 32-year-old female who missed applying sunscreen during a beach vacation. I have noticed red spots and scars on my skin due to the heat. I am worried about the possibility of skin cancer. Could you provide information on the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, especially related ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern about the potential risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure. While sunburns and excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer, not all red spots and scars are indicative of skin cancer. It is crucial to be aware of the signs and...  Read Full »

My friend looks dull and tanned after being out. Please advise.

Query: Hello doctor,My friend is 25 years old, but she looks dull and tanned after being under the sun while coming to the office. Please provide us with guidance on optimal sunscreen usage and overall skincare practices. Also, could you offer personalized advice on selecting the right sunscreen for differ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Answer: Hello,Welcome to understand your concern.To provide personalized guidance on sunscreen usage and skin care practices for your friend, I will outline general recommendations. However, it is essential to consult a dermatologist or a skincare professional for a tailored plan based on your...  Read Full »

Are self-tanning creams linked to cancer?

Query: Hello doctor,I am 32 years old. I have been using self-tanning creams for around seven years all year long. I have stopped for the last two years. I am worried because I have read that self-tanning creams are causing cancer and tumors. Is it true? Are they out of my system, or will it take years to ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashwini. V. Swamy

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Yes, self-tanning lotions are known to cause skin cancer. Please stop using it and avoid exposure to sunlight without sunscreen. Use sunscreen with SPF 50 or more, and apply every fourth hour. Look for any changes in the skin, any bumps that...  Read Full »

How to get the black line off my nose?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a horizontal black line on my nose from the past seven years. During the time of menses, it looks lighter, but on the other days, it looks darker. I applied everything from lemon juice, potato juice, cucumber, kojic cream, etc. But nothing works. What should I do?  Read Full »

Dr. G. S. S. Sandeep

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your concern may be post inflammatory hyper pigmentation or melasma. I suggest you try Lumacip plus (a combination of Fluocinolone topical, Hydroquinone topical and Tretinoin topical) cream. It is a triple combination cream. You can apply the cream on the pigmentatio...  Read Full »

I notice changes in my skin despite using sunscreen. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 27-year-old female. I have been diligent about applying sunscreen. But despite my efforts, I still notice changes in my skin. My skin still looks dull and dry. I am worried that I might not be using the right sunscreen or applying it correctly. Could you please guide me on the best ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sandhya Narayanan Kutty

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query and understand your concern. Although sunscreen is a very integral part of a skincare routine, to keep skin healthier and to prevent age spots as well as damaged skin, it is essential to follow a proper skincare routine along with the usage of ...  Read Full »

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