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Why is bone exposed in my gums?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from a¬†swollen, bleeding and receding gums. I tried Corsodyl mouthwash, but I want more advice. I am dreading going to the dentist. I really do not want to lose my tooth. The top bone area is currently exposed. I really need help, please.  Read Full »

Dr. Honey Arora

Dentist, Oral Implantologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Sore, swollen and receding gums with bleeding seem to be most probably due to an active gum infection that is causing a loss of attachment from the gum and underlying bone, making the teeth loose. This condition is called periodontitis. Using only a mouth wash will not...  Read Full »

My gums are bleeding with some change in the shape. Will my gums take the original shape?

Query: Hello doctor,I have bleeding gums for a year or so, and it usually happens after I brush my teeth. I find a slight change in the shape of my gums. I have been taking extra oral care. Is there anything I could do to stop my gums from bleeding? And if the bleeding stops permanently, will my gums take ...  Read Full »

Dr. Parth Laxminarayan Iyer


Answer: Hello, Welcome to The most common cause of bleeding gums is plaque and calculus deposition on teeth and gums (due to improper maintenance of oral hygiene). Only brushing and mouthwashing at home may not work since it is a little advanced stage and demands professional help (teeth clea...  Read Full »

What is the cause and solution for bleeding gums?

Query: Hi doctor,Every morning while I brush, I notice bleeding from my gums. I do not have any pain. What is the possible cause and solution?  Read Full »

Dr. Akhil K Padmanabhan


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. The most common cause of bleeding from gums is inflammation of the gums, otherwise called as gingivitis which leads to periodontitis if left untreated. The reason to develop gingivitis is mostly associated with oral hygiene and oral hygie...  Read Full »

Can gum disease cause bleeding in mouth?

Query: Hello doctor, I woke this morning and cleared my throat and there was blood in my saliva and then later some in the saliva in my mouth. I have gum disease and my top back teeth, gums are tender. Could that have caused the bleeding?  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, gum disease can cause such oral bleeding. You should first get your teeth and gums cleaned by a dentist. Apply an oral antibiotic gel over gums. Use warm salt water gargle twice a day for a week. Sometimes gum surgeries may be needed to remove infections and hea...  Read Full »

I am bleeding, four hours after a tooth extraction. What to do?

Query: Hi doctor,About four hours ago, I had a tooth removed. It has started to bleed again, and I rinsed my mouth with water. I read online that you should not do that. My gum is really hurting. Am I going to be fine?  Read Full »

Dr. Honey Arora

Dentist, Oral Implantologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Slight bleeding from the site of extraction is normal within 24 hours of extraction. But if bleeding is severe, you should immediately consult a dentist or go to an emergency room. As of now, you should bite on a sterile piece of gauze and apply gentle pressure, so that b...  Read Full »

What can be done for gum bleeding associated with choanal bleeding?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 43-year-old female and have been suffering from gum bleeding and recently had episodes of posterior choanal bleeding, I was examined by a dentist and ENT surgeon and they could not find any abnormality. I am a hypothyroid patient and I had to stop taking medicine for it due to...  Read Full »

Dr. Elina Angelova Beleva


Answer: Hello, Welcome to First, from what I see from the results (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is the presence of low T3 and T4 levels with elevated TSH at the same time. It means that your thyroid function is deprived again and you need to re-start hormone replacement the...  Read Full »

I am having gum swelling and bleeding with bad taste. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am experiencing swelling of the gum on my molar and bleeding, as well as a bad taste in my mouth. I have a picture and it looks as though there might be some food stuck in my gum or even my wisdom tooth coming in. I am not entirely sure but I would like an opinion on the picture, if...  Read Full »

Dr. Gaurav Pandey


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can see in the attached picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). There is an infection present in your last molar region, most probably it is due to third molar impaction and known as pericoronitis. Sometimes it is also due to abnormal cheek bitin...  Read Full »

What non-surgical treatment can be done for periodontitis?

Query: Hi doctor, About three months ago, I was diagnosed with periodontitis. I am facing swelling of gums, gum bleeding and pus from gums. I would like to know available treatment options and can it be treated without any surgery. I am 26 years old. I am taking Vitamin C tablets.  Read Full »

Dr. Tooba Qazi


Answer: Hi, Welcome to There are two treatment options for periodontitis. First includes deep scaling and medications. Periodically scaling will be done of each quadrant of the jaw in two weeks and meanwhile, you should take following medications, capsule Doxycycline 100 mg one time a day for...  Read Full »

What medicine can be used to relieve gum pain after scaling?

Query: Hello doctor, My younger brother aged 18 years, is having teeth bleeding from a month. So I suggested him to consult a dentist and he went for it. As no one was there to guide him about what to do, he got into a trap by some brokers and they took him to their doctor. The doctor said it is pyorrhea...  Read Full »

Dr. Tooba Qazi


Answer: Hi, Welcome to The best therapy for healing of gums after scaling is as follows: 1. Saline water mouth rinses. Take a cup of lukewarm water, put 1/4th teaspoon of salt in it and do its rinses twice a day, mandatory for two weeks. New and healthy gums grow every 14 days so they will b...  Read Full »

What are the reasons for bleeding gums?

Query: Hi doctor, I have bleeding gums over only one tooth. The gums are neither swollen nor painful. But, I have bright red lining just above that tooth when I finish brushing. I would like to stress that it is the only area that bleeds. Also, the next to that tooth I had a root canal treatment before two...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist, Periodontist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It seems to be a gum injury, which you had while brushing or infection due to food impaction in that area. It can be also due to the irregular biting relation of the upper and lower canine teeth. It is definitely not related to the nearby root canal treatment. You shou...  Read Full »

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