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Medical Advice on "Acid Reflux"

I was given medicine for acid reflux as the antibiotics given for the temperature were causing a reflux action ... The day before yesterday as I was awake the whole night due to travel, again I had acid reflux and scratchy throat … View thread »

I had acid reflux ... I looked up a lot of stuff about acid in the mouth, and looking at my teeth I think this is what is happening ... If you have acid reflux problem and in your case, it looks like there is too much of acid refluxing in your mouth from the stomach … View thread »

I have seen an ENT specialist and he said that I had a lot of inflammation in my esophagus, but did not seem to say anything else other than it may be the acid refluxView thread »

I have had severe acid reflux and stomach bloating three times in the past 12 months ... During the first time, I treated myself with antacids (Calcium carbonate) and a two week cycle of Nexium with probiotics ... I have had no acid reflux, but just bloating … View thread »

GERD or acid reflux is caused by sleeplessness that could be due to undergoing stress or anxiety ... These medicines will just reduce the acidity, they will not help you in GERD ... You seem to have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) ... I would advise you to take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone for the refluxView thread »

 Does toxoplasmosis and acid reflux explain all the symptoms ... You should continue taking antacids for a few days ... He noticed an irritation there, and said it could be gastric reflux, and prescribed Esomeprazole, which had no effect ... He examined my throat with an endoscope, saw nothing, and said it was gastric refluxView thread »

Tonight I had what I think was acid reflux or heartburn ... Gastroesophageal reflux disease is 80 % corrected by simple diet and lifestyle modifications … View thread »

In fact the famous probiotic for this purpose available in market are Darolac-IBS and VSL-3 (lactic acid) ... You may take Ranitidine and Domperidone for acid reflux in that case ... In case you feel acid reflux in the middle of night, then take syrup Gelusil … View thread »

I do also have acid reflux ... The foreign body sensation in your throat is basically due to acid refluxView thread »

Shall I eat pineapple for the acid reflux issue ...  What if I eat pineapple daily or alternate basis and manipulate my liver to produce less acid for the future ... Acid reflux, also known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), is a condition related mostly to the esophageal sphincter incompetence … View thread »


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