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Medical Advice on "Allergic Contact Dermatitis"

Poison oak causes allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) and is the most common cause of ACD than all the other causes combined ... After the contact with any part of the plant it usually takes 12 - 48 hours for the symptoms to occur … View thread »
There are two probabilities of your condition, one is allergic contact dermatitis and the other is pompholyx which is also known as dyshidrotic eczema … View thread »
RAST test showed I am allergic to dogs and cats ... It seems you have developed either allergic contact dermatitis or tinea corporis ... It looks like you have developed disseminated eczema or allergic contact dermatitisView thread »
It looks like (attachment removed to protect patient identity) polymorphic light eruptions, may be allergic contact dermatitis ... Allergic contact dermatitisView thread »
I have reviewed the attached photographs (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and according to me you have developed an allergic contact dermatitisView thread »
From the available data, it seems you have developed allergic contact dermatitis or sweat dermatitis ...  I am not ruling out allergic contact dermatitis or sweat dermatitisView thread »
It can occur in certain dermatological conditions like vitamin B12 deficiency, allergic contact dermatitis and SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) … View thread »
It could most commonly occur as a consequence of allergic contact dermatitis to soaps and detergents used for washing clothes and dishes, application of hair dye, gardening activities and repeated wet work … View thread »
Allergic contact dermatitis: Due to cloths or condoms … View thread »
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