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Medical Advice on "Constipation"

As we know constipation is a well identified and easily noticebale disorder in adults ... constipation is "Frequency of bowel movements  … View thread »

At the same time do note that although fibrous fruits and vegetables are good in general, a highly fibrous diet may complicate the issue especially when the underlying reason for constipation is intestinal blockage/ obstruction or inflammation owing to jejunitis (inflammation of the jejunum, a part of the small intestine) … View thread »

Another cause can be constipation, which can cause fissures around the anus … View thread »

I have constipation problem ... Constipation could be due to diabetes as it affects the nerves … View thread »

All your symptoms can be attributed to underlying constipation ... SRUS if present also results from constipationView thread »

I suffer from chronic constipation and my primary physician feels it might be from stool backed up in that area and prescribed me Linzess … View thread »

I am suffering from constipation from the past one week ... Well, constipation is the key feature in piles or fissures which exhibit similar symptoms … View thread »

I suspect the reason is chronic constipation and absence of hunger … View thread »

Since the last three to four months, she has constipation issues ... Transient constipation in a 1 year old child improves with diet modification … View thread »

Now, I am suffering with severe acidity and constipation ... Although it can cause constipation, but not after a month of quitting … View thread »


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