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Medical Advice on "Protein Powder"

Will giving protein powder make any difference … View thread »

I have been using one natural protein product ... I am confused whether, I should replace my natural protein product with the second one, which I found on the internet … View thread »

If you think you are taking too much protein, please do mention what kind of protein you are taking and in how much quantity ... Because it is also important to know the quantity and quality of protein you are consuming … View thread »

Please let me know the proportion that has to be noticed while selecting the best protein powder to gain weight ... Hi, I would suggest you the following proportion to keep in mind while selecting a protein powder: Low fat (1-5 grams is good) … View thread »

The recommended dietry intake of protein is 30% of your total calorie/ food intake ... It means 30% of what you eat should be proteins and if it exceeds 45 or 50% then yes it can cause problems especially to your kidneys ... High protein powders can be used if you are deficient in protein or if your normal diet does not supply adequate proteinView thread »

I have started taking a protein supplement since yesterday ... Is this black color because of the protein powderView thread »

And, like all nutrients, proteins are vital for maintaining your health ... Proteins are the building blocks of every visible structure in your body ... It is a yes if you are just supplementing your otherwise healthy diet with a trusted body-friendly protein powderView thread »

Have a high protein diet ... Hepapro powder (liver-specific protein powder) two scoops three times a day … View thread »

For that I am consuming multivitamin tablets and protein powder, but no use ... To gain weight you should not just rely on multivitamin tablets and protein powderView thread »

You need a high protein diet to increase the body protein level which reduces the amount of fluid formed ... I suggest you take protein powder supplements … View thread »


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