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The physical, mental, and social well-being of one's sexuality comes under sexual health. It includes prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and dysfunction, and education about safe sex.

Related Terms: Sexual Intercourse, Erectile Dysfunction, Masturbation, Anxiety, Stress, Premature Ejaculation, Poor Erection

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Please advise some herbal medicine to maintain sexual health.
Query: Hi doctor, Recently, I got my semen test from a laboratory. Detail of the test is as follows: Volume - 3.0 mL, color - gray white, viscosity - thick, total sperm count - 60 million, active motile 20%, sluggish motile 30% and non-motile 50%, pus cell 3-4/HPF and morphology 45 %. I want to know that ...  Read Full »
Dr. Pritam Mohapatra
Naturopathy Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I appreciate you seeking help. I would recommend the following in your case. First and foremost, taking good care of your diet and nutrition is indeed critical to maintaining a good health including the sexual health. You need to take a wholesome nutritious diet, preferab...  Read Full »
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: Break the Shackles and Seek Help!!
Article Overview: This article throws light on Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder, a common but least discussed sexual health topic among females.  Read Article »
Dr. Bharat Udey

Sexuality is a taboo in most of the societies in this world. Men on one hand consider their sexuality as a jewel of their manhood crown. On the other hand women are forbidden to discuss about their sexuality. It is considered to be their duty and responsibity to fulfil the sexual needs of their male ...  Read Article »
I like to masturbate, but not sex. Why?
Query: Hi doctor, I am 31 years old. I have been married for 3.5 years now. I hardly feel to have sex with my wife. Sometimes, the gap will be more than a month. I masturbate almost on a daily basis and sometimes, twice or thrice in a day after watching porn. I am somehow addicted to it and not able to st...  Read Full »
Dr. Pankaj Mittal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It seems that you have a normal sexual drive as you masturbate on a daily basis, which is also a form of sexual activity. Masturbation is not an addiction. It is a normal phenomenon. It does not affect our physical, mental and sexual health. It is totally natural and nor...  Read Full »
Please suggest a medicine, which can cure erection problems and low libido.
Query: Hi doctor, I am a 33 year old male, who has schizophrenia and depression from the last 12 years. My current problem is low libido and erection-related issues. I do not wish to take any medicine like Viagra or other similar medicines. Please suggest a medicine which can cure my problem. I also need...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. From the available description, there are following things which are responsible for decreased libido and erection problem: Obesity. Diabetes. High blood pressure and medications. Low testosterone level. I suggest the follow...  Read Full »
I notice hard erections when I wake up in the night. What is wrong with me?
Query: Hi doctor, I did a penile doppler test. The report says there is no evidence of calcification or irregularity. In the flaccid state, I had an artery diameter of 0.7 mm with a baseline flow of 5 cm per second. After taking Sildenafil, I had a diameter of 1.4 mm with PSV of 32 cm per second (though t...  Read Full »
Dr. K V Anand

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through the attachment (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your penile doppler test is normal as per the result. All the other parameters are normal. You do not need to worry. Please tell me the age. Watching porn and masturbation is common wit...  Read Full »
Do I need to improve my testosterone levels?
Query: Hello doctor, My testosterone report is attached herewith. Does it need to be improved?  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. I have seen the reports that you attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity). First of all, I would like to inform you that for a 31 year young male, 463 ng/dl of testosterone is perfectly normal and there i...  Read Full »
Is it difficult to conceive after 30 years of age?
Query: Hi doctor,I am 33 years old and still unmarried. I am really stressed about marriage and kids. Is it very difficult to conceive after 30?  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. It is true that the chances of pregnancy decrease with the advancement of age but pregnancy are still possible upto 45 years of marriage. The chance depends on the number of follicles available in your ovary which varies ...  Read Full »
Is it true that my urinary problems cannot be cured?
Query: Hello doctor, Since the last 20 days, I am having urinary problems. My symptoms are poor urine stream, less volume of urine, the frequency of urination is more if I drink more fluids, urinary retention, pain in the area which is near the left side of the penis, and post void dribbling. My doctor to...  Read Full »
Dr. Devendra

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Before a month, how was your urinary flow? If there is a sudden decrease in the flow then get an x-ray KUB (kidney, urethra, and bladder), including the penile urethra, as kidney stone may be missed in an ultrasound. Also, share the urine analysis report. I suggest y...  Read Full »
I am suffering from ED. How to correct it?
Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from ED and PE, low libido for the past six years. Most of the medication that helps with erection including UpHold, Caverta, Pengra with and without the combination of depressant like Prodep 10 or 20 mg (without any sign of depression) have not helped me. I have even c...  Read Full »
Dr. Surbhi Agrawal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to All the tests done seems to be fine except vitamin D deficiency. It seems that you are now diabetic and diabetes is so closely associated with erectile dysfunction. The treatment depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes are, Diabete...  Read Full »
How can both testes be made of the same size?
Query: Hello doctor, I had cryptorchidism surgery at the age of 9. Now, I am 24. My left testicle is 2.4 x 3.4 cm. My right testicle is 4.5 x 5.6 cm. I have been prescribed best tablets to increase the size of testis on the left side. Both my epididymides are out of testicles thus making them long. I am f...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You seem to have unequal testes. First of all, I would like to inform you that the most parable reason for the unequal size of testes is due to the very illness known as cryptorchidism. Unfortunately, there is no other treatment modality which can make the size of ...  Read Full »


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