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Medical Advice on "Sexual Health"

First and foremost, taking good care of your diet and nutrition is indeed critical to maintaining a good health including the sexual healthView thread »

Men on one hand consider their sexuality as a jewel of their manhood crown ... On the other hand women are forbidden to discuss about their sexuality ... This article is one step taken towards improvement in the understanding and thus creating awareness about sexual health among females ... Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (FSIAD) is a common but least discussed sexual health topic among females … View thread »

It seems that you have a normal sexual drive as you masturbate on a daily basis, which is also a form of sexual activity ... It does not affect our physical, mental and sexual healthView thread »

I suggest the following things for the betterment of your weight and sexual health: Testosterone decanoate 40 mg per day to increase your testosterone levels … View thread »

For the betterment of sexual health, the role of dry fruits is also advocated … View thread »

I do not think you will have any sexual problem related to these symptoms, but if you have any sexual health related concerns, we can discuss it later, after the present issue is resolved … View thread »

Now regarding second part, I feel you want to improve your sexual health ... However, if there is a sexual weakness, I will recommend tablet Fertisure M (Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Zinc, Selenium, L-arginine, Ferrous Gluconate) to be taken once a day for three months … View thread »

I read your query and understand your concerns about the possibility of an STD (sexually transmitted disease) ... First of all, I would like to inform you that most of the rash-causing STDs have an incubation period of six months or less and there is a good possibility that the current rash is unlikely to be related to your ex unless you were sexually active with her until recently ... You may also approach me for online video consultations or counseling related to sexual disorders and sexual healthView thread »

It is good to see that how an adolescent can be so inquisitive about his sexual development ... In males, sexual maturity begins to appear during puberty that is, by the age of 13-14 years ... I would suggest you not to stop masturbation as it is your personal choice and also it does not pose any threat to health ... For any other sexual health related queries, feel free to consult a sexologist online … View thread »

These activities relax your mind as well as body muscles including sexual organs ...   It is scientifically proved that the sexual activity or erection can be self controlled by mind relaxing techniques ...   Kegel Exercise also can help you to improve your sexual healthView thread »


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