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Having problem with tooth filling. Would it be close to the nerve?
Query: Hi doctor, I recently broke a part of my back tooth besides an old filling. A week ago, my dentist removed the old filling and repaired everything with white filling. Since then, I have been getting a sharp pinch to the center of my tooth if I try to chew with it. There is no pain. It is a little se...  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The sensitivity is indeed due to deep filling very close to the nerve for comfort. Usually, if it is very deep some dentists put a base below the permanent filling to prevent temperature difference inside the mouth to transfer it to the nerve. If it is not possible, th...  Read Full »
How to repair a fractured tooth filling?
Query: Hi doctor, I have lost a filling present on my bottom left tooth next to my wisdom tooth. Some portion of the tooth has broken away. I do not have pain in that tooth now. Is it right to have a new filling on that tooth or can I have a dental crown on that tooth? Is it possible to have a crown on th...  Read Full »
Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to A filling can be placed again, and the tooth is contoured correctly. A composite can be used to build the tooth and then the tooth can be contoured adequately. Then a crown can be placed. If the tooth is not broken much, then a cutting can be done, and a crown can be pl...  Read Full »
I have a tooth filling that has come out with a lump in the gum. Why?
Query: Hello doctor, I have a tooth filling that has come out, and woke with a white lump beneath it on gum, swollen lower face too on the other side of the site of lump. I had a dull, drumming pain during the night before. I rinsed with warm salt water this morning. Wondering if Flucloxacillin 500 mg whi...  Read Full »
Dr. Sangeetha Bastan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your tooth is probably infected which has caused the white lump on your gums. The decay has gone inside the pulp, almost touching your nerve and there is infection beneath the root of your teeth which has caused this swelling. You will have to confirm the status of your t...  Read Full »
Are my lips raw and swollen due to allergy from tooth fillings?
Query: Hello doctor,I am having lots of problems in my mouth and the VA clinic is struggling to help me. I am a 36 year old male and have no significant health issues besides this. I am really struggling because my lips are constantly raw, peeling, and swollen. They also burn and hurt almost always. I have...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashwini V Swamy

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I saw your clinical picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). If I just look at your lips, it looks like severe cheilitis. Considering the history, I would like to rule out oral lichen planus. Amalgam is known to cause lichen planus. Check in your mo...  Read Full »
How can I get rid of pain caused by broken tooth?
Query: Hello doctor, I am having acute pain in gum and tooth on the left-hand side and a few days ago the left back corner tooth broke. Kindly suggest me how can I get rid of this pain and strengthen my teeth as it broke without and proper reason. Dentist advised me to take antibiotics for five days but i...  Read Full »
Dr. Osman Adam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your case, it seems you have a cavitated carious tooth that needs to be cleaned in order to get tooth filling. Please visit your dentist near you to get rid of this carious tooth. You should not get proper work and treatment unless you visit the dent...  Read Full »
The tooth is sharp and cracked. What is the treatment?
Query: Hello doctor,The tooth is sharp and cracked. It is leaving a space in the mouth. What is the treatment?  Read Full »
Dr. Divya Banu M

Answer: Hi, Welcome to How are you doing? I saw the image, but it is not clear (attachment removed to protect patient identity). But, based on how much ever I could appreciate, it seems you have deep caries in your first molar and to some extent nearby second premolar too. The crack or sharp...  Read Full »
What is the reason for tooth pain after a filling?
Query: Hi doctor, I had a tooth filling done. My dentist injected anesthesia three times to get complete numbness. The numbness from the anesthesia has subsided. But I have pain inside my tooth. I suspect that the pain in my tooth is due to the drilling done in my tooth. I have a strange pain shooting fro...  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. Yes, it is painful sometimes. But it is only related to the stimulus, that means the pain at the time of chewing or due to hot or cold fluids. If the pain is continuous and interferes with your sleep cycle, you may need to revisit the dent...  Read Full »
I am having pain and swelling in my cheek after getting a tooth filled. What to do?
Query: Hi doctor, I had a tooth filling approximately 10 hours ago and felt excruciating pain when the local anesthesia was injected. I experienced pain from my cheek all the way up to my temple. The dentist was very rushed and just told me that the pain and numbing sensation could last for up to 2 hours...  Read Full »
Dr. Geeth Sadasivam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have mentioned that you regained sensation, which means the nerve was anesthetized properly and has reverted too. The numbness, pain, and swelling in your cheek might be due to accidental injection into the cheek muscles. I want you to check yourself if you can ope...  Read Full »
What is the most effective way to get rid of severe toothache?
Query: Hello doctor, What is the most effective way to get rid of a severe toothache? Last Sunday, I went to a different clinic for tooth filling because my dentist went abroad for vacation. In fact, it lessened the pain but afterward, it became more painful. So I contacted my dentist for medicine to take...  Read Full »
Dr. Geeth Sadasivam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Firstly, I would like to say that a simple filling cannot be a treatment for a tooth in pain. The pain itself occurs only because of infection inside the tooth. Yes, as the other dentist said, it could be a dental abscess. You have also mentioned that you have severe pa...  Read Full »
How to Prevent Nursing Bottle Caries?
Article Overview: Almost all the mothers feed their children at night, when they are asleep. This feeding habit might lead to nursing bottle caries in children. This article discusses in detail the prevention and treatment of early childhood caries.  Read Article »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

Nursing bottle caries is a type of tooth decay also known as early childhood caries/nursing bottle syndrome/rampant caries. In which Age Group, is Nursing Bottle Caries Usually Seen? Nursing bottle caries is usually seen in toddlers and infants.  Commonly Affected Teeth: Upper d ...  Read Article »


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