Physiotherapy is the process of restoring functionality to a site of the body that has been subject to surgical procedures due to certain conditions. It consists of both physical and occupational therapy. It prescribes a series of strengthening and maintaining exercises to a recovering patient for a fixed amount of time to aid in recovery and restore normal form and function.

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My ankle became rigid after an injury, and currently doing physiotherapy. Are there alternative treatments for this condition?

Query: Hello doctor,I had a tibial plateau fracture, which was fixed three months back. After 20 days, I was diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome. A series of wound debridement and grafting was done. I had a foot drop from the time of the fracture. Now it has become an equinus contracture, so rigid ...  Read Full »

Dr. Renjit George Marcus

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. As per the X-ray (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity), there are no arthritic changes in the joint. So I suppose an Achilles tendon lengthening surgery should be enough. But the nerves in your leg...  Read Full »

I have had JRA since the age of six. Will light physiotherapy or stretching exercises help the movement and flexibility of stiff joints?

Query: Hi doctor, I have had JRA since the age of six. I am 27 years old. I have been wheelchair-bound since age nine. I have restricted movement and severe deformities in many joints. I am not on any medication except Brufen, a painkiller. I have stopped treatment for many years as there was no progress....  Read Full »

Dr. Srivastava Durgesh

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Having chronic immobility due to arthritis leads to frequent joint contractures. Minor surgical procedures can help these. If there is no contracture, then physiotherapy will help. But if joints are damaged, then surgery is required. However,...  Read Full »

How can severe radiating back pain be treated?

Query: Hello doctor, My 65-year-old grandmother has been suffering from chondrosis and she has had the treatment her doctor recommended her. However, the pain has returned. Her doctor told her to do some injections. Also, before that, she had a treatment where she did massages, ultrasound procedures but th...  Read Full »

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelrahman Abouibrahim

Answer: Hello, Welcome to From what you have mentioned, most probably your mother has sciatica which means that there is a compression of the nerves of her legs. Sciatica causes back painthat moves to one of the legs sometimes both (electric like). It is diagnosed with some physical examinati...  Read Full »

My 11-month-old baby is not able to sit. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, My baby is preterm, and the corrected age is 11 months and 6 days. He is still not sitting. When we consulted a doctor, he advised for PT. And he said, we may need to check an MRI after 15 months of age if it persists. What is your advice?  Read Full »

Dr. Deepak Patel

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concerns. A child starts to sit without support at 8 months of age and with support at 5 months of age. So, the development is delayed in your child, and the most probable cause for this is preterm birth. The doctor has rightly said that MRI ...  Read Full »

My mother has severe pain even after a distal radius fracture fixation. Will hot wax bath be helpful?

Query: Hello doctor, My 66-year-old mother had a distal radius fracture in her right hand two months back. She has diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, ASD, and osteoporosis. The doctor performed a K-wire fixation and put a plaster of Paris cast from her fingers all the way up to her shoulder (just a li...  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Sorry to hear that the surgery and its outcome have not met your level of expectations. I would like to see the entire set of X-rays before I can comment on the healing of the fracture, as well as the timing of the removal of wires. Usually, the wires are removed ar...  Read Full »

Is it possible to treat pain while walking through physiotherapy or medicines?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 65 years old with weight 88 kg and height 5'10". I suffer from moderate hypertension and diabetes since last eight years but always in control of medicines. Last year I had undergone angiography as an age-based test and symptom of pain on starting walking short distance a few met...  Read Full »

Dr. Shivam Om Mittal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I appreciate your detailed history. The symptoms you have described are suggestive of neurogenic claudication due to the neuro-foraminal stenosis and disc bulges in the spine. If the pain is the prominent symptom, then conservative therapy should be done first. But if you...  Read Full »

After stroke, my left hand and leg are not functioning well. What to do?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 60 years old male. Before a year, I got a stroke. After recovering from it, my left side ear, hand, and leg are not functioning well. Please suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Hitesh Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to After a stroke, usually, recovery is maximum in initial three to six months. After that, you can have a slight improvement up to one to one and a half years. Some residual weakness usually persists. You need to do regular physiotherapy. Few patients develop spasticity, ...  Read Full »

Please advise the best treatment for heel pain.

Query: Hi doctor, I have started getting heel pain after exerting in tennis. Please see the photo of the pain area marked in red. Initially, I had continuous pain while walking. It is slightly more on the first few steps after rest or sleep. My physiotherapist suggested it could be a plantar fasciitis and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Akshay Kumar Saxena

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have mentioned pain in the area of heel region, which has been marked by you and it looks like plantar fasciitis, which has already been mentioned to you. Just let me know whether there are any other signs and symptoms of inflammation like skin redness, ...  Read Full »

My arm has become stiff due to cervical spondylosis. How to get it treated?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 55 years old. I have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis due to wear and tear on my dehydrated spinal discs. My pain is in my neck and arm. I have occasional fevers and night sweats. I am already using a cervical collar for a week now. I am using a hard collar during the day and...  Read Full »

Dr. Chandan Mohanty

Answer: Hello, Welcome to to hear about your condition. Your symptoms match the diagnosis of cervical spondylosis. Unfortunately, along with neck pain and arm pain, you also seem to have developed weakness in your left arm due to pressure on your nerves in the neck. A physiotherapy is a re...  Read Full »

Kindly predict my father's survival with spontaneous brain stem bleeding.

Query: Hi doctor, My father, who is 61 years old, complained of an episode of vomiting followed by unresponsiveness and decreased movement. As per summary, there is spontaneous brain stem bleeding with obstructive hydrocephalus, that is, post-EVD. I want to know about his survival risk. I am waiting for a...  Read Full »

Dr. Hitesh Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your father has right basal ganglia bleeding with intraventricular extension - EVD (external ventricular drain) in situ. Such patients have very slow recovery (after stabilization), which may take weeks to months. But, the most important thing required is good nursin...  Read Full »

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