The enlarged vein in the scrotum is called varicocele and is the leading cause of low sperm quality and infertility. It can cause atrophy of the affected testes.

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Is immediate surgery mandatory for an inguinal hernia with varicocele?

Query: Hello doctor, The following is the report of USG of the scrotum. Please comment about it in detail. 'Right testis 3.82 by 2.08, left testis 3.66 by 2.04. Both the testes appear normal in size and echogenicity, shows normal vascularity. There are no obvious focal lesions. Both epididymides are normal...  Read Full »

Dr. Shahil Khant

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You are suffering from an inguinal hernia with varicocele. The varicocele is of grade 2, which is moderate. A varicocele is to be operated only for two reasons, one being chronic pain and the other is infertility. So, if there is no pain and you have finished family p...  Read Full »

I have recurrent dull pain in my testicle and a prominent vein. Is it epididymitis or varicoceles ?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 25-year-old male with dull pain in my right testicle. I am around 195 cm tall and weigh 100 kg. Ten years ago, an ultrasound was performed to rule out torsion or the presence of any mass, a urine test to check for UTIs and STDs, and I was diagnosed with epididymitis. I have been pr...  Read Full »

Dr. Ankush Jairath

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. This seems to be normal. In a varicocele, there are a number of veins (not single) giving a bag of worms feeling. To treat epididymitis, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are required, and you need scrotal support (tight underwear). 1. Tablet ...  Read Full »

Is my small right testicle treatable in the mid-thirties?

Query: Hi doctor,I am in my mid-thirties and I had an undescended testis when I was young. I was supposed to go for surgery at ten years of age, but then my mom had forgotten, and so now my left testicle is normal and the right one is a bit small.My body height is 6' 1" (185.42 cm) and my body weight is 21...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer S J Altawil

Answer: Hi,Welcome to is great to see that you have got the ultrasound done.You have a varicocele on the left testis which is reversible and is a cause for oligospermia ( low sperm counts).You will need to follow up with testosterone levels as well, in order for me to organize a proper manage...  Read Full »

I am suffering from erectile dysfunction and my testicles are shrinking. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor,My testicles are shrinking, and my pubic hair does not grow anymore. I am always depressed and also suffering from erectile dysfunction. Please help me with this problem.  Read Full »

Dr. Samer S J Altawil

Answer: Hello,Welcome to problem that you are suffering from is due to reduced testosterone levels. The ultrasound report (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity) shows bilateral varicocele. Varicocele can cause the shrinking of the testis. Mood swings and depression are also e...  Read Full »

I am trying to have a baby. What can I do to increase sperm count?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 34 years old. I have been trying for a baby for the past three months. Regarding my semen count, I have a few doubts. I do like to know if it is normal. If not, then how to improve it? After abstaining for one week, the semen sample was given. The result showed grayish white, alkali...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashwini Nanasaheb Talpe

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your semen analysis shows lots of dead sperm with low sperm count. It could be due to high blood sugars or some other pathology and that needs to be investigated. Please get the following tests done. TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). 3 hours glucose tolerance test needs...  Read Full »

I am trying to get pregnant for two years. How to achieve it?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years now. My prolactin is 31.8 ng/mL, progesterone is 4.1ng/mL, not opacified left fallopian tube and no free peritoneal spillage of contrast noted. My partner has varicocele. I had a shot of progesterone. Please provide some advice on how we ca...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to It is evident from HSG (hysterosalpingogram) that you have a left tubal block and only the right tube is patent. Secondly, considering that your partner has varicocele, it is important to get his semen analysis done to check for sperm count and quality if it is adeq...  Read Full »

I have had a swelling recurring on the right testicle for four years. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 16 year old, I have a reoccurring swollen right testicle since I was about 12 years old. Whenever my right testicle swells up, I feel a tension in my lower abdomen, and it becomes difficult to perform any physical activities. Whenever my testicle is not swollen, it feels as if ...  Read Full »

Dr. Raja Ramesh

Answer: Hi, Welcome to From your history, the enlarged testicle could be due to only three possibilities which are.  Congenital hydrocele Epididymo-orchitis. Varicocele.  Recurrent nature and spontaneous disappearance are very classical of congenital hydrocele. When you visited hospital last...  Read Full »

What are the common causes for upper abdominal pain?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 40-year-old male with a weight of 81 kilograms and a height of five feet eleven inches. I am not taking any medications. I have an on and off upper abdominal pain for five months. Sometimes I have pain in my lower abdomen and pain in the groin and testicles. My overall health remain...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer S J Altawil

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your upper abdominal pain does not occur due to a kidney stone as your ultrasound does not show any stones in your kidney or any blockages to the kidney. Your liver and gallbladder remain normal. I think that your gastric pain occurs due to gastritis or gastric ulcer. I...  Read Full »

Does varicocele affect the fertility potential?

Query: Hi doctor,I was currently diagnosed with small varicoceles via an ultrasound. I am a frequent weightlifter, and I worry that the continuation of lifting weights will lead to the varicoceles worsening and affecting my testosterone. My urologist said they are not bad enough for any surgical procedure ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ankush Jairath

Answer: Hi, Welcome back to Yes, you can use scrotal support while doing weight lifting. Varicocele does not affect testosterone levels. What happens in varicocele is that there is dilatation of veins in the scrotum or testes to increase the temperature of the scrotum, and hence sperms become...  Read Full »

Is my loss of penile sensitivity due to sagging testices?

Query: Hello doctor, My testicles are hanging loosely around the penis for almost six years. Previously I consulted a doctor and had done a scan to check if any varicocele is present. I got the results, but nothing is present, and the doctor said there is nothing to worry about. But for few days, I am not...  Read Full »

Dr. Samer S J Altawil

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for consulting us. I want to assure you that loosely hanging testicles is normal and since ultrasound is normal, all well. Regarding erectile dysfunction for a fit 26-years-old without chronic problems like diabetes or hypertension is unlikely what you need to d...  Read Full »

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