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Giddiness is a state where there is an imbalance of mind with lightheadedness. There is some disorientation with the surroundings spinning or moving around you. Giddiness is caused when you have hypotension, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, anemia, problems in the inner ear, dehydration, and tachy-brady syndrome. It can lead to long-term consequences if it is not treated earlier.

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I was punched in the back of my head three months ago, and getting on and off headache. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,I am 21 years old female. I punched in the back of my head three months ago, and I have been having headaches, dizziness, and hard time catching my balance when I stand up. I daily wake up and go to bed with a headache. I have tried Tylenol, and nothing seems to help. I am not taking an...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashaq Hussain Parrey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your post, as you have mentioned in your post that you were hit on the back of the head and now have giddiness and difficulty in balancing, I would suggest, 1. You will need an MRI brain and cervical spine to role out any abnormality of the brain stem...  Read Full »

I have had high blood pressure, blurred vision, and giddiness. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have had high blood pressure, blurred vision, and giddiness. Cholesterol and sugar were normal. ECG showed variation. The heart pumping rate is low. Please help. Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hi, Welcome back to I understand your concern. There are some nonspecific changes in ECG (electrocardiogram). It is advised that blood pressure be controlled with medicines and lifestyle modifications. Do regular exercise, consume a Mediterranean diet, and refrain from smoking and al...  Read Full »

Please advise on treating my tinnitus caused by nasal spray use.

Query: Hello doctor, I have developed tinnitus after using a nasal spray Sudafed, please assist. Not on any medication, hearing is fine. I was suffering slightly with dizziness prior to the tinnitus four months back which had cleared by then.  Read Full »

Dr. Magesh Thirunavukkarasu

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I just went through the complaints that you been having. This sounds like peripheral vertigo and this is how people usually present with. The treatment management part, take a tablet called Betahistine 16 milligrams twice daily for three days followed by once a day for ...  Read Full »

Is my giddiness connected to CT diagnosis of mild cerebral atrophy?

Query: Hello doctor, CT scan report of the brain shows that I have cerebral atrophy. What does it mean, and what should I do? I need proper guidance and suggestion. I have giddiness, and the doctor informed me that I have a vertigo problem. I am feeling good. But regarding the CT scan reports, I need cl...  Read Full »

Dr. Gursimran Singh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Sorry to know regarding the symptoms. Mild Cerebral atrophy means that your brain size and volume is a little less as compared to others. Now it is a very subjective thing, and you need not worry about it. This is not related to your vertigo episode. Commenting upo...  Read Full »

What causes giddiness with generalized itching?

Query: Hi doctor, I was admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) in a hospital with below conditions at night 4 AM. Blood pressure (BP) 90/60 mmHg, temperature afebrile, pulse rate (PR) 80/min, cardiovascular system (CVS), R and PA NAD, giddiness, started generalized itching and nausea. There is no history of...  Read Full »

Dr. Hitesh Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I would like to know a few more details. What did you feel in giddiness exactly? Was it feeling of everything rotating around you or feeling of head rotating or feeling of darkness in the front of the eyes or increased heartbeat? For how long these problems lasted? Wa...  Read Full »

Why do I have bluish spots on my legs with low BP?

Query: Hi doctor,For two weeks or so I observed bluish clot-like spots on my legs. The day before yesterday my BP fell to 85/60 mm of Hg and I was very giddy. I have been having pain in my legs, especially during the night. I was sweating heavily that night and still felt cold. I felt very weak. My hemogra...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have reviewed your query and here is my advice according to provided history. The bluish lesion along with pain in the leg could be because of a deep vein thrombosis-like clot problem. For that, I suggest a color doppler investigation and physical examination. You...  Read Full »

I have had pain on the right side of my head for two days. Please suggest the treatment.

Query: Hi doctor, I have had pain on the right side of my back head for two days and sometimes I feel giddy. Yesterday, I put ice pack and felt a bit of relief, but again after a few hours. Please advise. Thanks.  Read Full »

Dr. Hitesh Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. I would like to know some details about your problem : 1. Since when have you started to have headaches? It started only two days ago, or have you also had intermittent headaches before? 2. Is it only on the right side? 3. What kind of hea...  Read Full »

Can stress cause giddiness?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 29 year old male, and I have been having slight giddiness kind of feeling. I am not able to tell if it is giddiness since I did not fall or have any balance issues. This has been there for a week. I had the same symptoms two weeks back. It feels like some kind of pulling sensati...  Read Full »

Dr. Nagaraj

Answer: Hi,Welcome to could be benign positional vertigo, which is more common. I guess you might experience giddiness when you suddenly turn your head. It is mostly because of imbalance in the middle ear fluid, usually following ear infection, which is responsible for maintaining our posture...  Read Full »

I have giddiness while standing and walking. What can be the cause?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 56-year-old male. I am on BP medicine Cresar 40 since a month. Prior to that, I was on Aten 50. Now, my BP is around 130/100 mmHg and before it was 160/106 mmHg. When I take my walk or I am standing I feel giddy, probably for less than a second. It is more prevalent when I turn my ...  Read Full »

Dr. Kusumakar Srivastava

Answer: Hi, Welcome to This is called postural hypotension. It is very common in hypertensive patients. I suggest you Telma H (Telmisartan and Hydrochlorothiazide) once daily. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her, and take the medicine with consent. Take normal salt in the ...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for giddiness and high BP?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 22 years old. My weight is 154 lbs and height is 5.6 ft. I have some giddiness problem for the past two years. Doctors termed it as excessive stress, anxiety and tension. Before four months I had giddiness and high BP. Then at times I feel like taking long breaths and weakness in leg...  Read Full »

Dr. Naresh Kumar M.

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I had gone through all the data you have posted. Some things are important in what you said. First diagnosis of hypertension (HTN) at 22 years of age has to be seriously looked into unless there is strong family history for the same. For the diagnosis of HTN three off...  Read Full »

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