Inability To Sleep

The inability to sleep at night is called insomnia. Some of the conditions that can cause insomnia are depression, stress, chronic pain, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, heartburn, menopause, and restless leg syndrome. Usually, sleep hygiene and lifestyle changes are the first treatment option for insomnia.

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Is it possible to not fall asleep even when you are very tired?

Query: Hello. Have u ever heard of a type of insomnia where one is prevented from falling asleep even when very tired? For a week now I’ve been on Ativan to go to sleep every night, because for 2 whole nights prior I had no sleep at all. I try naturally every night and when I am just entering sleep my he...  Read Full »

Dr. Anil Kumar Kumawat


Answer: Hello, I can understand and empathize about u. You said that this is started 6 days back because of stress. first you should know our basic instinct like hunger, thirst and sleep are natural. we feed when we r hungry. we drink when we r thirsty. means these are basic phenomena we cannot stimulate t...  Read Full »

Running affected my circadian rhythm. How to fall asleep soon?

Query: Hello doctor, I am now 35 years old. In my early twenties, I was a marathon runner. Now I go a few times per week, one to five times to run after my office hours. I run about 10- 15 km a few times per week. I used to run intensively and to sweat strongly. My heart rate goes up. My problem is that...  Read Full »

Dr. Geetha Priyadarsini Kamminana

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Prior to my answer to your query, I have some queries to be answered. Do you have thyroid problems or gastritis? Any anxiety or depression? Significant psychological stress? For how long you have been witnessing sleep problem? Do you have difficulty falling asleep? ...  Read Full »

Can Propecia cause trouble sleeping?

Query: Hi! I'm having trouble sleeping for quite some time now. I don't fall asleep fast, I haven't really felt good even after sleeping, instead i feel quite tired as I keep waking up several times in the middle of the night. I am taking Propecia for my hair problems, could it be an effect of that medicin...  Read Full »

Dr. Peter Grutas

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello! thank you for reaching out how long have you been taking propecia? one of the adverse effect of propecia includes sleep behaviour changes such as insomnia. Other cognitive effects include difficulty in maintaining attention, emotional sensitivity, depressed effect and anxiety that may lead ...  Read Full »

Why does the left side of my head hurt, and I cannot sleep properly?

Query: Hi, I’ve not been able to sleep properly for the past 2 days and I feel like I might have a migraine because I feel pain on the left side of my head and my left eye hurts a lot. Another problem is when I get up to fast like if I’m laying down and get up everything gets dark in front of my eyes ...  Read Full »

Dr. Gursimran


Answer: Hello, so sorry to know that you are going through such a pain. You could be correct about the migraine . However i would be glad to know something about the headache . How long the headache stays ? How frequent you get headaches ( how many times a week ), Do you get vomiting sensation at the time ...  Read Full »

How can I reduce my vitamin B12 level to help my sleep cycle?

Query: Hello doctor, I was taking a supplement with alpha lipoic acid, carnosine, and B complex. On 19th May, I started having problems with sleeping, and the duration was much shorter or fragmented. I stopped taking the supplement on 21st May. Blood tests showed that B12 levels were high at 1430. Folic ...  Read Full »

Dr. Kaushal Bhavsar

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Pulmonologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. I have gone through the reports you have attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Since it is not in English, I do not understand completely but somehow I manage to understand the reports. All are normal. Yes, you ...  Read Full »

Will diabetes cause difficulty in breathing?

Query: Hi doctor, This is for my dad, and we found out that he has diabetes. He became very worried which makes him difficult to breathe and cannot get enough sleep and rest at night. He had stomachache and he used to skip meals, and drink coffee and soft drinks. After a blood test, we found that he has d...  Read Full »

Dr. Aleph

General Practitioner, Family Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Perhaps your father has misperceptions about the disease and that is causing his anxieties and worries. It is unfortunate he developed but it does not mean it is the end for him. As long as he takes his medications, does his routine laboratory workups and checks with...  Read Full »

How to help my wife overcome the fear of coronavirus pandemic?

Query: Hi, Due to this Coronavirus Pandemic, My wife is very scared about the health concerns of our family. Sometimes she is not able to sleep at all. although none of our family is suffering from diseases. she is overtly anticipating dire Consequences of this Coronavirus and obsessively Clean. this is...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi


Answer: thank you for taking help from psychiatrist. first you must stop all news channels and stop talking about corona pandemic. you can see news maximum just half hour per day and get updated about it. keep your wife busy and try to make her to spend time for her hobbies. start doing meditation at home. ...  Read Full »

Is there a home remedy to relieve severe upper abdominal pain?

Query: I have severe pain in my upper abdomen possibly because of an acid reflux and i can't sleep. After eating I feel a sudden pain in my upper abdomen or more specifically in the epigastric region. Last week I'm surprised that even though I don't have any problem digesting milk or dairy products I got s...  Read Full »

Dr. Nancy Wespetal

Family Physician, General Practitioner

Answer: Hello,, I am a family physician with Icliniq and would be glad to try and answer your question. Thanks for all the information you gave about your question. Whenever you share with us a problem, it is always helpful to the doctor when you give information like when the problem started, it's locati...  Read Full »

Lockdown badly affected my sleep schedule. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, Due to lockdown, I have a bad schedule of sleep. I am not able to sleep at night and when I sleep in the morning I can sleep only for four to five hours and wake up with a bit of pain in my hands and feet. I am 20 years old.  Read Full »

Dr. Kapil Gupta

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Well, let me tell you that this is a very common problem for people these days during the lockdown. It is because our body is used to a certain amount of work that makes it and especially the mind tired which makes you sleep normally during your routine days. So you do ...  Read Full »

Why do I get chest tightness and difficulty in sleeping with normal test results?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a female, and weigh about 50 kg. I am currently having chest tightness and anxiety. I have been prescriped Zapiz 0.25. However, it is not helping much. Can I take another? About a year ago, I was asked to start Serlift and I started weaning off them about three months ago. Sometim...  Read Full »

Dr. Ruhi Satija


Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your symptoms are of active anxiety, but only Zapiz (Clonazepam) is not going to cure anxiety for you. Zapiz is a temporary relaxant (Benzodiazepines are relaxants used in an emergency) and works well when there are active symptoms of anxiety. But it is not a perman...  Read Full »

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