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Medical Advice on "Hba1c"

My HbA1c taken yesterday was 88 ... I suggest that you start with the tablet Metformin 500 mg thrice a day and then repeat your HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin) after three months … View thread »

So, I went to a clinical laboratory for HbA1c test and got the result as 1050 % ... Repeat your HbA1c after three months along with serum creatinine … View thread »

The HbA1C level of above 7 is a confirmatory diagnosis of diabetes mellitus … View thread »

 Here I have also attached my HbA1c report for your reference ... As you have mentioned that took medicine for a month, still your HbA1c - glycated hemoglobin is 75 (attachment removed to protect patient identity) … View thread »

Is HbA1c test at a primary physician's lab reliable ... HbA1c will give us information about your blood sugar in the past three months whereas RBS (random blood sugar) will get us information about the previous day … View thread »

Four months ago, the doctor declared that I am diabetic as my HbA1c was 107 % ... Today, I checked my HbA1c was 56 % … View thread »

... history you have told, your blood sugar levels are under control with high cholesterol. There is family history of diabetes which makes you prone for diabetes in future. So, you have to make dietary modifications. Physical activity is also ... … View thread »

The HbA1C Test: The HbA1C test nowadays is included in the basic health/diabetic checkup for its importance in indicating the individual's glycemic state (i … View thread »

You seem to have diabetes because both blood sugar fasting and HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin) are in the diabetic ranges ... Can diabetes be reversed as my HbA1c last month was 65 … View thread »

Being thalassemia minor, is my HbA1c test reliable to decide my diabetic medication ...  Owing to HbA1c test, the doctor changed my medicines three days back and prescribed Glycomet GP 2 forte, Zemiglo 50 and Voglibose 02 … View thread »


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