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Medical Advice on "Protein Rich Diet"

Take a nutritious and protein-rich diet that includes pulses, milk products, and eggs ... Use Xgain shampoo (Vitamin E acetate, Soy Protein, and Jojoba oil) for your hair twice a week … View thread »

Diet for thalassemia major patient should include plenty of fruits and vegetables and protein rich dietView thread »

You must take a high protein diet ... And to aid better protein absorption, include acidic foods like lemon, orange, etc ... I am mentioning here a sample protein rich diet ... Snacks (made out of besan/gram flour which is protein rich) ... Shall I take any medicine or any diet suggestions … View thread »

I would suggest you try the following: Take a healthy protein-rich diet that is, possibly 4 to 6 eggs a day and a good amount of meat … View thread »

Try having a high-fiber and protein-rich diet and doing regular exercise … View thread »

 Have a balanced and protein rich diet which includes apple, banana, jaggery, spinach and take medicines on regular interval … View thread »

I suggest you take nutritious and protein-rich diet (pulses, milk products, eggs, etc … View thread »

Take a nutritious and protein rich diet, such as pulses, milk products and eggs … View thread »

Regular moderate activity, protein rich diet, good hydration (5-6 liters of water per day) should be helpful ... Have good protein rich dietView thread »


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