Medical Advice On "Kidney and Urologic Diseases"

Dr. Gopinath
Hi, Welcome to After going through your report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I am aware that you are suffering from severe oligozoospermia (oligospermia). After four days of abstinence, please repeat the semen ... View thread »

Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, Welcome to You may repeat the urinary routine microscopy test again and if the symptoms are still present, likely that you are resistant to Cephalexin and hence can be started on Nitrofurantoin 100 mg which is category B pregnancy ... View thread »

Dr. Anshul  Varshney
Hi, Welcome to To help you better, I need to know your blood pressure, any ultrasound report, if done. Revert back with the asked details for better help ... View thread »

Dr. Anshul  Varshney
Hi, Welcome to Please attach the report of CT scan. Let me first evaluate it. See splenic hamartomas are usually benign that is non-cancerous. Similarly, are renal angiomyolipomas. They are removed with surgical excision if they are ... View thread »

Dr. Magesh T
Hi, Welcome to I just went through your blood reports and urine protein examination in blood reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your hemoglobin level seems to be normal 12.5 also and then other components like white ... View thread »

Dr. Parth R Goswami
Hi, Welcome to You can have acute urinary tract infection. For that, you can investigate with urine routine microscopic examination. If pus cells and bacteria present then urine culture can be done for further work up. It is advisable to ... View thread »

Dr. Kakkar S
Hi, Welcome to I have noted your concern. I do not think that the tests for gonorrhea or chlamydia would have been affected due to a higher volume of urine or oral antibiotics as the urine test relies on the detection of the nucleic ... View thread »

Dr. Magesh T
Hi, Welcome to I read your question that one month ago you had left leg pain and you also have a recurrent urinary tract infection. You are a young woman, no diabetes because I saw your HbA1c report that is less than 6.5 which means you ... View thread »

Dr. Aman  Gupta
Hi, Welcome to Yours is one of the most common problems which I see in my outdoor department every day. It has different terminology amongst different clinicians such as urethritis, prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, etc. ... View thread »

Dr. Devendra
Hi, Welcome to Urinary infection is common in young married women. You had UTI and it was treated with antibiotics, causing no growth on culture. Only thing of note is draining 400 ml through a catheter, usually, retention is not ... View thread »