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Medical Advice on "Abortion"

There are many scenarios in addition to normal healthy pregnancy in early pregnancy like missed miscarriage (baby died or did not get heart beat), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy growth outside normal location in female body where it is harmful to both mother and … View thread »

I would suggest you to continue pregnancy as you are 31 years now. It is the right age to have a child. Once female crosses 30 the complications in pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, thyroid problem and sugar issues increase. Also, the chance of getting pregnant … View thread »

How reliable were those blood tests? If those were reliable, then there is no need to worry for bleeding from two sites. Otherwise, repeat it from a good place. Secondly, just start any birth control pill from today as it will lessen the bleeding. I suggest Laxit plus … View thread »

Firstly, you have not mentioned the name of the pills or the pack that you have taken for medical abortion. From the set of pills, I understand that you have taken two pills at 6.30 PM and then a second set of Misoprostol pills at 10 AM after 16 hours. This is a … View thread »

The dosing schedule was wrong. The basic mistake was you did not know the age of the fetus. This medical abortion is recommended for pregnancies that are less than 63 days. Now, you definitely need an ultrasound of the lower abdomen. It is fortunate that she is … View thread »

How are you doing? That is quite a short history. Having black or altered blood in the first few months after abortion is common. We have to rule out the following possibilities. Get a pelvic scan to rule out any endometrial polyps or any uterine masses or any … View thread »

If your ultrasound scan shows five weeks of intrauterine pregnancy, then you can go for a medical abortion by taking tablet Mifepristone 200 mg orally stat and after 48 hours of taking this medication, you can take tablet Misoprostol 400 micrograms orally and repeat … View thread »

I can understand your concerns. I have gone through your history and ultrasound scan and it is showing that the abortion is incomplete and there are a retained products of conception in the uterine cavity. (attachment removed to protect patient identity) Your … View thread »

For someone who is 6 weeks or 42 days pregnant as per the ultrasound and the pregnancy has been localized intrauterine, there are actually two options: Medical termination. Surgical evacuation with suction and evacuation. 1. Medical Termination In medical … View thread »

Please ask her to wait for a week for her period to start. If it does not start by then, she can repeat urine pregnancy test. If the test turns out to be negative, ask her to take tablet Medroxyprogesterone acetate 10 mg twice daily for five days. Period normally starts … View thread »


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