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Medical Advice on "Abortion"

Will the abortion option bring down my change of getting pregnant in the near future ... If you get abortion properly under supervision of the gynecologist, then it will not affect your future fertility … View thread »
Hi doctor, My wife was admitted to hospital due to incomplete abortion and dengue fever NS1 reactive ... Doctor has done surgical abortion and it was found dengue fever after blood test … View thread »
I took the first set of abortion pills on the same day at 6:30 PM ... I want to assure that the abortion is complete … View thread »
I consulted a gynaecologist since I did not want a baby and hence decided to go for medical abortion ( as my son is just 12 months) ... In no case I want medical abortionView thread »
Hi doctor, I would like to get a summary of abortion options for someone 6 weeks pregnant ... In medical abortion, the patient is given a set of medicines namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol in a set protocol … View thread »
Two months back she had abortion ... After abortion she is taking Folic acid and Ecosprin 75 … View thread »
Treatment of these infections would be required before undertaking future family planning as these infections are a cause of repeated abortions … View thread »
Hi doctor,I had an early aspiration abortion two months back … View thread »
I read that Mifepristone can induce abortion ... In that case as she has been a post C-section case, medical abortion is not to be undertaken with either Mifepristone or Misoprostol simply … View thread »
This is my second abortion ... I did home abortion eight years ago using a set of two pills, but I did not remember the names … View thread »
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