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Medical Advice on "Moisturizer"

  Please share in detail about the onset, progression and duration of rash. Is popliteal fossa (shallow depression behind knee joint) or antecubital fossa involved?  What is the predominant complaint? Is it itching or burning? Do you have any rash over your thigh? … View thread »

I have read about your query. Dryness of the skin depends on the type of the skin individually. Since you are on moisturizer Aveeno, you can continue it with the following tips. Apply a moisturizer within three minutes of your bath because some amount of hydration … View thread »

You seem to be suffering from atopic dermatitis. Do you suffer from any allergies? Is there any history of asthma in your family? Moisturizers, which are specially meant for such conditions and other medicines can be used. For example Aveeno or Cetaphil DAM lotion. I … View thread »

My inference from the above is that your skin is facing lack of oil. There is dryness which makes your skin vulnerable to sun and other external influences. Hence it gets dark. However, with moisturizer the skin gets adequate moisture and hydration and stays supple and … View thread »

As I can see from the picture uploaded (attachment removed to protect patient identity), there is some redness and there are few sores. There might have been a contact dermatitis. You could find relief from using Cetaphil moisturizer and Mometasone and Fusidic acid cream … View thread »

Accure is a diode laser used mainly for inflammatory acne and rejuvenation of skin. It will reduce sebum production to decrease acne. Cosmelan is a peel used for pigmentation over the face. Use sunscreen daily and good moisturizer. I also suggest Epithelial AH cream … View thread »

It may be due to seborrheic dermatitis (itchy red rash with flaky scales) or atopic dermatitis or simple dryness. Please consult a dermatologist for examination and management. Use mild soap or cleanser for face wash. You can also use a moisturizer. For further queries … View thread »

Hyperlinearity (lines in the palm and fingers) of palms is a feature of a condition called atopic dermatitis. These patients, in general have dry skin in their palms, soles and elsewhere as well. I would suggest you to use a  … View thread »

Getting Fusidic acid in lotion form is difficult. You can use the Fucidin cream for the boils on the scalp. For scalp folliculitis, I suggest you try Betadine AD shampoo twice a week. For facial dryness, I suggest using Cetaphil moisturizer or Epitheliale AH cream … View thread »

Clindac A has not much role in keratosis pilaris according to my opinion. If you have acne, it will help in alleviating it. I suggest you use topical Tretinoin 0.04% over the affected area at night and urea based moisturizer during the day. It will take few months to … View thread »

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