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Medical Advice on "Normal Baby Growth"

A metabolic disease is an abnormality in one or more chemical reactions in the body ... One needs to investigate the following: Is the baby gaining weight normally ... The report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) suggests that the baby needs to be investigated for some sort of a metabolic disease ... Kindly give me some more information about the clinical status of your nephew such as age, growth pattern, milestones and any other symptoms associated with it … View thread »

Is this normal ... Since your child has started to roll at 5 months, this is absolutely normal for this age ... A baby starts to roll or turn on its back at 5 months of age … View thread »

respiratory problem, I suggest Maxtra drops (Chlorpheniramine and Phenylephrine) for your baby 03 ml thrice daily for five  ... The baby is fussy and prefers sleeping on the shoulder because the  … View thread »

If all these parameters are normal, there is nothing to worry ... The doctor said that the white spots are totally normal, and there is nothing to worry … View thread »

Is this normal ... It is normal for the baby to do this ... Watch your baby grow and change habits as he grows … View thread »

 Otherwise, his activities are very normal ... When I took him to his pediatrician, he said he is absolutely normalView thread »

Small amount of regurgitation is normal in children ... Ensure your baby is gaining adequate weight and growing well … View thread »

She normally has one dirty nappy per day and about six wet ones ... At 15 weeks, her weight was normal, and her growth was fine ... It might be that she is not anymore interested so much in baby bottles ...  You say that at 15 weeks, her weight was normal and growth was fine … View thread »

Use normal saline drops in each nostril 20 minutes before feed and burp after each feed ... All other pediatricians dismiss these symptoms as first timer anxiety problems, but we feel that something is wrong with the baby ... Just stay relaxed and feed your baby adequately … View thread »

 Only you should watch for lethargy, refusal to feed and breathlessness as these are the negative signs to worry about the babyView thread »


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