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Medical Advice on "Ovulation"

By no means, it provides a complete protection against pregnancy, since it has been seen that the intercourse itself may trigger untimely ovulationView thread »

But, as there is no detail about the sizes of follicles reached during both cycles of ovulation induction it is difficult to make a comment here … View thread »

... the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle using this calculator. Sexual intercourse during the fertility window in your menstrual cycle will increase the chances of getting pregnant quickly ... … View thread »

I started with 50 mg and there was no ovulation ... So, then I took 100 mg and again no ovulationView thread »

How can we count the day of ovulation ... The ovulation day is counted backward from the last day of the menstrual cycle … View thread »

Should I use ovulation test every day ... No need to check ovulation daily … View thread »

... not an implantation bleed or spotting at all, instead it is the initiation of a withdrawal bleed which is natural to occur after taking an emergency contraceptive pill like I-pill. The withdrawal bleeding is initiated within next 7-10 days after the pill and this ... … View thread »

I go through pains in both period and ovulation ... Kindly recommend a drug that can stop ovulation and menstruation permanently … View thread »

The symptoms you are describing could also be due to the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which is caused by the influence of the progesterone hormone post-ovulation which can mimic pregnancy to a small extent … View thread »

Could this be from ovulation ... As you have irregular periods, it is difficult to specify the time of ovulation and exact time to do a pregnancy test … View thread »


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