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Medical Advice on "Ovulation"

But, as there is no detail about the sizes of follicles reached during both cycles of ovulation induction it is difficult to make a comment here … View thread »
Should I use ovulation test every day ... No need to check ovulation daily … View thread »
Hi doctor, I had unprotected withdrawal method sex two days before ovulation and had one I-pill within 30 hours … View thread »
Could this be from ovulation ... As you have irregular periods, it is difficult to specify the time of ovulation and exact time to do a pregnancy test … View thread »
Will the tablet regularize the periods and ovulation ... If your periods are irregular, then tablet Ovacet (combination of  L-Methylfolate, Myo-Inositol, and Vitamin D3) alone is less likely to induce ovulationView thread »
Can the above pain be due to ovulation ... The best way to check for an ovulation pain or mittelschmerz is to check for LH (luteinizing hormone) surge with an ovulation kit … View thread »
What is my chance for ovulation ...  But, we cannot surely say that there will be no ovulationView thread »
Do heterogeneous cysts happen before or after ovulation ...  Because, in every cycle around ovulation one of your ovary makes around 3 cm follicle (cyst) … View thread »
When is the right time to conceive, either during fertile days or ovulation ... You have only one chance of pregnancy if ovulation is normal in one cycle … View thread »
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