Medical Advice on "Otolaryngology (E.N.T)"

Dr. Syed Tehmid
Hello, Welcome to The symptoms of aural fullness or plugging of ears can occur due to acute otitis media most crucial cause for which is eustachian tube edema secondary to allergic or acute rhinosinusitis. Did you have symptoms of ... View thread »

Dr. Baidya Nath Majhi
Hello, Welcome to After reading your symptoms and looking at your photo (attachment removed to protect patient identity), it is suggesting of chronic pharyngitis with chronic tonsillitis. The whitish spots over your tonsils are the ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hi, Welcome to It appears more like a cyst within the tonsillar tissue. If no symptoms then we can leave it as it is. But since you have pain with congestion and cobblestone appearance of the posterior pharyngeal wall, I suggest you take ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to There does appear to be a radiolucent shadow in that upper molar area. But we need to correlate the findings with your symptoms. What are your symptoms ... View thread »

Dr. Shyam  Kalyan N
Hello, Welcome to Your symptoms seem to suggest that you are suffering from allergy. Levocet M (Levocetirizine and Montelukast) is given for the same purpose. It is true that the medicine should be taken for a few months regularly. It ... View thread »

Dr. Alok  Rathi
Hi, Welcome to You are having sensorineural hearing loss. It is in early stage and mild. So, you are having pulsation in the ear. Another important thing is bilateral Bell's palsy. It is not common. Having facial palsy is ... View thread »

Dr. Fazil   Shajahan
Hello, Welcome to From the reports you have uploaded (attachment removed to protect patient identity), it seems that your child has an acute middle ear infection which is very common in kids until the age of six years. It usually ... View thread »

Hi, Welcome to I feel a naso and otoendoscopy is first necessary to confirm the diagnosis. The condition is not dangerous unless it leads to some middle ear problem. If you can manage by doing a manoeuvre like how you described, it ... View thread »

Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda
Hello, Welcome to It is better to remove it as early as possible. It is an organic material trapped in a place full of bacteria so rhinosinusitis can occur quickly with the formation of pus. I do not advise you to wait to remove it as ... View thread »

Dr. Mehak  Agarwal
Hello, Welcome to You have a throat infection. It is tonsillitis with granular pharyngitis.The tonsils, as well as the lymphoid tissues of the posterior pharyngeal wall, are enlarged and infected. I suggest the following: A course of ... View thread »