Medical Advice on "Audiology"

Dr. Anuja  Rajendra Sonawane
Hello, Welcome to It is very common that people feel certain blockage of the ears after getting exposed to loud sounds. It is called fatigue to ear. The hair cells get fatigued due to loud sounds. It also indicates sensitivity towards ... View thread »

Dr. Sugandh  Garg
Hi, Welcome to The ear, nose, throat, head, and jaw are all closely related. Any problem in one will affect the others as well. So, there are various possibilities that might cause jaw pain. They could be: Any boil, infection or ... View thread »

Dr. Anuja  Rajendra Sonawane
Hello, Welcome to According to the reports indicated (attachment removed to protect patient identity), there is a dip at 4k which indicated a noise-induced hearing loss. Many people suggest that it is not a thing to be worried about, ... View thread »

Dr. Pradeep V R
Hi, Welcome to Reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) clearly explains about the problems. I clearly understand your concern and worries. You are worried about the cosmetic appearance but you are missing about the ... View thread »

Dr. Mehak  Agarwal
Hi, Welcome to I would recommend you to undergo a test called tympanometry in which we will come to know if there is any collection of fluid in the middle ear or if there is any damage to the bone of the middle ear. Also, let me ... View thread »

Dr. Mehak  Agarwal
Hi, Welcome to Autophony can be due to the patulous eustachian tube. It is more common in female, hyperthyroidism, sudden weight loss, post pregnancy, etc. Since you had a sinus infection, it could have masked eustachian tube and you ... View thread »

Dr. Priyanka  Aggarwal
Hi, Welcome to Your daughter's audiogram (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows a conductive hearing loss, but the ear is not mentioned. The cause seems to be some middle ear disease only. Please tell me about her ... View thread »

Dr. Noble  Inasu
Hi, Welcome to From the available information, it seems to me that you might have a condition called otosclerosis. Otosclerosis is a condition in which there is abnormal bone growth in the ear which prevents the sound vibrations from ... View thread »

Dr. Anuja  Rajendra Sonawane
Hello, Welcome to The cause of tinnitus is usually idiopathic. Every normal person can hear that sound many times in their lives. It goes away as suddenly as it had started. There is no reason for worrying as you have no hearing loss ... View thread »

Dr. Vaishali  Mehta
Hi, Welcome to Otosclerosis is a disease in which the tiny bone of the middle ear gets fixed resulting in hearing loss. Unfortunately, there is no medicine to cure otosclerosis. There are two options for you. Surgical treatment ... View thread »