Medical Advice on "Radiation Oncology"

Dr. Satya  Narayan
Hi, Welcome to As you have considered in history, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have been already given. The glioblastoma is a grade IV brain tumor so have overall poor outcomes even after best treatment. So if the disease is ... View thread »

Dr. Indu  Bhushan Kumar
Hi, Welcome to X-ray and CT scan uses ionizing radiation. Though these are harmful rays, in diagnostic radiology it is generally safe for the patients. Though you have undergone many investigations it is well below the maximum ... View thread »

Dr. Anshul  Varshney
Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Radiation enteritis is a very common side effect of radiation therapy. I need to know the following: How was this diagnosis made? What medications is he taking? Also, mention the part of ... View thread »

Dr. Saurabh Samdariya
Hi, Welcome to First of all, based on the reports, the patient is hypovolemic (low BP). He needs a good oral diet and maybe if required admission and supportive care in the form of IV fluids. It looks like a recurrent disease in sub- ... View thread »

Dr. Andrew Chellakumar Fenn
Hi, Welcome to As per your FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), the lesion looks suggestive of a breast abscess and not suggestive of a breast cancer. But FNAC is not ... View thread »

Dr. Satya  Narayan
Hello, Welcome to No, he did not need whole body PET scan now. Yes, the standardized uptake value (SUV) number indicates the probability of cancer as it increases, but it is not confirmative. The SUV number can be increased in case of ... View thread »

Dr. Andrew Chellakumar Fenn
Hi, Welcome to Most probably non-cancerous. Non-necrotic means that there is no dead tissue inside the node. Necrosis indicates either tuberculosis or cancer. If the node does not regress with antibiotics, it may need further ... View thread »

Dr. Varadarajan   Kumar
Hi, Welcome to The current treatment for the early breast cancer is breast conservation surgery and sentinel lymph node (axillary node) sampling. Please find out what modality is being planned to address the axilla as not all ... View thread »

Dr. Satya  Narayan
Hello, Welcome to All the investigation are more in favor of locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. In such advanced cases, usually, the patient is planned for palliative treatment in the form of oral medication Sorafenib, which is ... View thread »

Dr. Andrew Chellakumar Fenn
Hi, Welcome to The following are the questions which come to my mind, which is not provided by the information you provided: What were the complaints of your patient? Why is she on a ventilator? What is the working diagnosis of ... View thread »