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Is vaccination needed for a non-rabies dog bite?
Query: Hello doctor, My daughter is 3 years old and has been bitten by a pet dog. The dog would not bite if not touched. It has been in our home for 10 years. It stays always at home. The dog does not have rabies. The dog is a Pomeranian breed.  The wound is not very deep but a slight cut on the upper ...  Read Full »
Dr. Deepak Patel
Child Health Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Any bite from a dog needs a vaccination for rabies. If the cut is not very deep, it will fall under grade 1 of dog bites and it will definitely need antirabies vaccination and tetanus vaccination. In grade 1 bites, antirabies immunoglobin is not needed but vaccine sh...  Read Full »
Will rabies vaccination cause future health issues for my 9 year old son?
Query: Hi doctor,My 9 year old son was licked by a stray dog. I was not sure what happened, but I took him to the doctor and got him injected. Would the injection cause him some future health issues?  Read Full »
Dr. Lokesh
Orthopaedician And Traumatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to No, the injection will not cause any issues in the future. Rabies Vaccination Injection is given at the 0, 3, 7, 14, and 21 days of the bite, but consult your nearest doctor and get the vaccine from that doctor. This vaccine should be taken if there is a dog bite or ...  Read Full »
Will antirabies vaccination cause any side effect when there is no dog bite?
Query: Hi doctor, My child has a wound in his inner part of the foot. He is 3.6 years old. He is saying that a puppy bites him and also says injured from stone. We are confused and visited a doctor. He advised us to four doses of injection. Will it cause any side effect when there is no dog bite?  Read Full »
Dr. Deepak Patel
Child Health Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If you are in doubt that dog bite has occurred or not, then it is always advisable to give the antirabies vaccine. There is no harm in giving an antirabies vaccine. You should give anti-rabies vaccine because rabies is a fatal disease once it occurs and there is no treatm...  Read Full »
Which type of vaccination is good, painless or painful?
Query: Hello doctor,My son's tongue comes out while sleeping and most of the time. He is six weeks old. While breastfeeding, he uses his tongue to suck the milk. Is this normal? Please advice.  Read Full »
Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh
Child Health Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Since the child is just six weeks old, you need not worry. It is normal for the baby to do this. It is just a variation. Do not panic and just relax. Watch your baby grow and change habits as he grows. For further information consult a child health specialist online --...  Read Full »
Myths and Facts About Vaccination
Article Overview: Every day, researchers discover new vaccines with better efficacy, and on the other hand, some people just choose to spread their wrong beliefs about vaccination. It results in increasing number of VPDs, that is, vaccine preventable diseases, in the world. It is long enough that someone addresses this issue.  Read Article »
Dr. Vishnu K R
Preventive Medicine Physician

Most of the patients that I treat ask this question about vaccination, 'How can an injected pathogen cure a disease?' I am not surprised by this question because I asked the same question to my mom when I was young. As a responsible medical practitioner, I should explain the science behind this to p ...  Read Article »
Should I go for rabies vaccination after a minor scratch by a cat?
Query: Hi doctor, During my vacation I stayed in a hotel where they had 15 pet cats. I picked up a small cat to play, but she jumped from my hand and it felt like a scratch on my forearm. It was very minor, even not a single blood spot or skin removal present. She was completely normal in behavior. Now, I ...  Read Full »
Dr. Divakara P
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have thoroughly gone through the photos attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity) by you and understand your concern. The cat or dog bites are classified into three groups based on the severity. A simple scratch with no break in the skin and no bleeding...  Read Full »
Should I opt for painful or painless vaccination for my daughter?
Query: Hi doctor, My little angel will have her first vaccine after the one given in hospital after birth. My doctor said there are two ways, painful and painless. Which one shall I go with? When I asked the doctor, she asked me to read the latest vaccination guidelines. Is painless good? I heard most peop...  Read Full »
Dr. Deepak Patel
Child Health Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. According to the latest vaccination guidelines, the whole-cell vaccine is preferred over the purified-cell vaccine. The whole-cell vaccine is painful, but it is now the recommended vaccine. I advise you to go for a whole-cell vaccine for DPT...  Read Full »
Can plaster be used to reduce swelling occurred due to vaccination in a 3-month-old baby?
Query: Hello doctor, My baby is 3 months old. She is suffering from swelling on thigh due to vaccination. Can I use plaster to reduce it?  Read Full »
Dr. Baratu Bhaisara

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Local swelling after vaccination is the known side effect. Just apply ice over it for 3 to 4 times a day. No need to rub or massage, just apply ice. No need for plaster. It is local swelling, not a fracture where plaster is needed. It shall go...  Read Full »
My 5 month old baby missed his polio vaccination. What should I do now?
Query: Hi doctor, My son is five months old. He has not received polio drop vaccinations as I was unaware. What should I do now?  Read Full »
Dr. Amit Modi
Child Health Specialist, Paediatrician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Polio vaccination is generally done with the scheduled vaccination. If you have visited your doctor at six weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks of vaccination, he must have vaccinated the child for polio as well. Still, if you feel it has not been done, visit a Paediatrician f...  Read Full »
Can I get protected against hepatitis B by vaccination?
Query: Hi doctor, I kissed someone who had chronic hepatitis B. So, I put my first hepatitis vaccination immediately, a second vaccination a week later and the third one, two weeks later after the second. Am I protected against hepatitis B?  Read Full »
Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, you are protected. Although the booster is not taken, some amount of immunity is provided by vaccination, it is enough to protect. So, it will protect you. Now, the best way to confirm this is by getting immunoglobin titers done and if the titers are adequate, t...  Read Full »


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