Medical Advice On "Drug and Supplements"

Dr. Aditi Gupta Jha
Hi, Welcome to It is good that you asked this question here because taking unnecessary antibiotics can be extremely risky and unhealthy for your body. This tablet is mainly used to treat pneumonia patients that have a severe cough, fever ... View thread »

Dr. Penchala   Prasad Kandikattu
Hello, Welcome to The yellow phlegm itself shows your suffering from a secondary bacterial infection. If sputum is there then it may be originating from lower respiratory or sinuses. So that is why your doctor has adviced two weeks ... View thread »

Dr. Poosha  Darbha
Hi, Welcome to First, I would like to know the frequency of intercourse and the days on which you are trying for pregnancy. I mean, do you have sex every day during those days? Once every other day ... View thread »

Dr. Uzma Arqam
Hi, Welcome to Birth control contraceptive pills are hormonal pills that help to prevent conception by interfering with the normal menstrual cycle and inhibits ovulation, conception, fertilization, and implantation. These pills are ... View thread »

Dr. Uzma Arqam
Hello, Welcome to A pre-pregnancy Folic acid requirement is there. Actually Folic acid is best to start three months in advance before conception. As soon as the lady misses her first period, an initial base of central nervous system ... View thread »

Dr. Parth R Goswami
Hello, Welcome to You have taken Ipill after sexual relation. So the chance of getting pregnant is very less. The brown discharge could be due to the frequent use of Ipill. The excess Ipill intake is not advisable for health. You can use ... View thread »

Dr. Deepthi
Hi, Welcome to Clofranil (Clomipramine) should not be used in pregnancy. It is a category C drug that means if potential benefits justify the risk to the fetus, then you can use. As far as of now no well-controlled studies in humans, ... View thread »

Dr. Lokesh
Hello, Welcome to Yes, Gabapentin is pretty safe. The usual side effects are that you might get some dizziness for the first 2 to 3 times that you took the tablet. Also, nausea and vomiting are other common side effects. But overall it ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to Both adult and childhood ADHD needs to be treated with medicines. Three medicines are the first line drugs used to treat ADHD namely Methamphetamine (Adderal), Methylphenidate (Concerta) and Atomoxetine (Strattera). The ... View thread »

Dr. Nadia Khan
Hello, Welcome to Unwanted 72 is quite effective in preventing against the pregnancy and she had spotting after taking it so probably she did not get pregnant in this cycle. Please mention her cycle length and the day of the cycle you ... View thread »