Medical Advice on "Dentistry"

Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar
Hello, Welcome to It is a case of acute alveolar abscess from a tooth infection. Let me check your attachments (attachment removed to protect patient identity), and I will advise and initiate treatment protocol accordingly. I checked ... View thread »

Dr. Naveen   Thomas
Hello, Welcome to Yes, gum disease can cause such oral bleeding. You should first get your teeth and gums cleaned by a dentist. Apply an oral antibiotic gel over gums. Use warm salt water gargle twice a day for a week. Sometimes gum ... View thread »

Dr. Naveen   Thomas
Hello, Welcome to Fluoride content can be around 1000 to 1200 ppm which is more than enough for the prevention of cavities. No need to go higher than that. More important is the proper brushing technique. Go for up-down or circular ... View thread »

Dr. Gaurav Pandey
Hello, Welcome to I can see in attached pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity), actually, there are multiple apical infections. I suggest you please ask your dentist for dental X-ray, to find out the number of ... View thread »

Dr. Tooba  Qazi
Hi, Welcome to Yes, it is normal. You just keep a cold cotton pack for the next two hours at the socket. This will make the clot. Then start with saline water mouthrinses five times a day for the next whole week. Take a 1/4th teaspoon ... View thread »

Dr. Nisha Ashokkumar Agrawal
Hi, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Here, I assume that you do not have any bleeding disorder. It seems initial blood clot after the extraction was dislodged due to some reason and the bleeding continued. ... View thread »

Dr. Tarun  Gupta
Hi, Welcome to Take precautions for 24 hours if the wisdom tooth has been extracted non-surgically but, if the tooth has been removed by surgical intervention with sutures placed, then take precautions until the sutures are removed ... View thread »

Dr. Honey   Arora
Hi, Welcome to Slight bleeding from the site of extraction is normal within 24 hours of extraction. But if bleeding is severe, you should immediately consult a dentist or go to an emergency room. As of now, you should bite on a sterile ... View thread »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray
Hi, Welcome to I had gone through your question and I can understand your concern. As per your history, it looks that you are having reversible pulpitis, that means there is a cavity in progression. If you will get it filled, ... View thread »

Dr. Purva  Jingar
Hello, Welcome to This time get your mother's teeth cleaned by the dentist and then ask her to brush twice daily. Cleaning by the dentist does not make the teeth fall off, this is a pure myth. The teeth which are weakened by tartar ... View thread »