Medical Advice On "Sexual Health"

Dr. Gopinath
Hi, Welcome to After going through your report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I am aware that you are suffering from severe oligozoospermia (oligospermia). After four days of abstinence, please repeat the semen ... View thread »

Dr. Rabia
Hello, Welcome to Please attach pictures of your lesions for proper diagnosis and treatment. There can be infection, eczematous disease or inflammatory disorder. So, please send your lesion picture for appropriate diagnosis ... View thread »

Dr. Purushottam  Sah
Hi, Welcome to I have read and understood your problem. Regarding birth control, you can use a condom or your wife can use oral contraceptive pill OCP. There are several brands having no major difference so use easily available one. ... View thread »

Dr. Parth R Goswami
Hello, Welcome to You might have erectile dysfunction problem as erection is poor as per history. Usually, during sleep time in the morning due to sympathetic stimulation, penis erection should occur for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour ... View thread »

Dr. Parth  Singh
Hi, Welcome to Painful penetration in women may be caused by any injury or lacerations in vaginal walls, infection of the genital tract, forceful or violent sex, lack of lubrication in the vagina. I think you should do a lot of ... View thread »

Dr. Ramchandra  Lamba
Hi, Welcome to The cause of poor erection is due to poor blood to penile vasculature. The main cause is that a young person like you is psychological in nature like anxiety or tension due to poor communication between the partner or ... View thread »

Dr. Nadia Khan
Hello, Welcome to Unwanted 72 is quite effective in preventing against the pregnancy and she had spotting after taking it so probably she did not get pregnant in this cycle. Please mention her cycle length and the day of the cycle you ... View thread »

Dr. Vandana   Patidar
Hi, Welcome to The sexual act is mediated by mind. It has many phases like desire, excitement (erection), ejaculation and resolution. It can get affected due to various reasons like fear or phobia in the brain. If you have conflicts ... View thread »

Dr. Nadia Khan
Hello, Welcome to Your chances of getting pregnant after taking the morning pill are very low. But it also depends on what day of the cycle you had sex and how long is your cycle and was it the only episode of unprotected sex in this ... View thread »

Dr. Uzma Arqam
Hi, Welcome to As you are breastfeeding, so it increases milk production as well as delays normal menstrual cycles. With normal regular periods, sex drive remains high and normal menstrual blood flow also continues but as this disturbs ... View thread »